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Planet X does exist but there are about 3 Dwarf planets that have simularities to Plznet X. Planet X has not yet been discovered.

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No. Planet X is just a name for a planet that is not yet proven to exist. Before Pluto was discovered, back when it was just a theory, it was called Planet X. So there is no Planet X that will hit us in the future

Planet x is the name used to name undiscovered planets that might exist. The belief that an actual "Planet X" is out there and on a collision course with Earth is a different story. If you ask these people they'll tell you it's really, really, close and we're all in deep, deep...

It's spelt exist. e-x-i-s-t "exist"

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NO! And the proof is its already 2013 no hit and earth isnt in the middle of the solar system and many planets are in it so I say planet x isnt going to collide with earth and if it is a meteorite then theres a really big chance planet x hits the huge sun and melts there

planet x is real you just have to believe and planet x does not have a x on it.dumb

Not really. Planet X was a provisional name used to refer to a possible but unnamed planet beyond the planets known at the time. Pluto once held this title. No object currently holds it.

Planet X does not exist - it was a hypothetical planet.

Planet X is not a planet because it is not real, it's made up.

who can ever really say, its not like we would ever even have a clue if it did really exsist, whos to say it doesn't?

Planet x is the planet behind Pluto which is commonly reffered to as Selena but is not yet a planet(or clarified planet).

Planet X was a hypothetical planet which was searched for after the discovery of planet Neptune. `Planet-X` does not exist.

No, planet x is not real.

The name of planet X is Nibiru

There is no "Planet X". See links.

Planet X does not exist.

Planet X does not exist.

Zero. Planet X does not exist.

Planet X does not exist.

Pluto is not referred to as Planet X. Planet X is a term used for an unknown theoretical planet at the edge of the solar system.

Nowhere. There is currently no planet called planet X. It is a lie

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