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Property damage within your auto policy will cover any damage you may cause from an accident. Liability is for any medical attention they may need. PLPD INSURANCE IS STANDARD MINIMUM COVERAGE THAT PROTECTS YOUR VEHICLE IN THE CASE OF AN At Fault ACCIDENT, HENCE WHY IT IS MANDATORY. NO-FAULT LAWS ALLOW COVERAGE FROM YOUR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY TO COVER YOUR OWN VEHICLE. IF YOU WERE NOT AT FAULT IN AN ACCIDENT (SOUNDS LIKE YOU WERE IN THIS ONE) THERE WOULD BE COVERAGE FOR YOUR VEHICLE REPAIR/REPLACEMENT. THE OTHER DRIVER'S VEHICLE WILL BE COVERED UNDER THEIR OWN POLICY. YOUR POLICY WORKS FOR YOU ONLY. * Comprehensive pays for damage to your car from vandalism and Acts of God (hail, flood, falling trees, gravel thrown by traffic) and Collision pay for damages to your car when it collides with anything (another car, tree, road sign) if you are at fault. Personal Liability (PL) pays for injuries you cause and Property Damage (PD) pays for damage you cause to another person's property. If the other party is at fault, their insurance pays.

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Q: Does plpd insurance cover the replacement cost of the other car if you hit someones car from behind and totaled it?
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