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That depends on local council rules.

I don't know of any hard set rules but common sense tells me that it should be at least 4 feet from the edge of the pool to allow access. The previous is correct because it is always a good idea to consult with you local department of inspections or other governing body. When you build your fence keep in mind that a new national pool code was signed into law in December 2007. It is call The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007. This act puts the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in charge of the pool laws. They already have several publications on the subject.

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How many square feet of barb wire will it take to fence 3 acres of land?

You don't want to know the square feet of barb wahr. You only want the feet far it is around the outside of the 3 acres.The answer is: It could be a lot of different things.-- The shortest possible amount of fence that can enclose 3 acres is 1,281.5 feet.That's what you need if your 3 acres is in a circle 408 feet across.-- If your 3 acres needs to have straight sides, then the shortest possible fence toenclose it is 1,446 feet. That's what you need if your 3 acres is a square, 361.5 feeton every side.-- If it's not a square, then the more rectangular it is ... long and narrow ... the morefence you need to enclose it.For just one example: If the field is 120' by 1,089', then it covers exactly 3 acres,and you need 2,418 feet of fence to enclose it.The closer to square it is, the less fence you need.

How many gallons of water do you need in a pool with diameter of 13 feet and depth of 3 feet?

Go to

How much fencing is needed to put a circular fence 15 feet from the center of the pool?

Circumfence 2 x 15 x pi = 94 feet 3 inches

To fence in 2 cows Josie used 64 feet of fence. For 3 cows she used 96 feet of fence and for 4 cows she used 128 feet of fence. How many feet of fence will she use for 6 cows?

240 feetapex 2020.

What is the standard height for a split rail fence?

For a 2 rail high split rail fence the height is 3 feet to the center of the top rail. A 3 rail high split rail fence is 4 feet to the center of the top rail. The reason for this is it will make it easy to attach wire to the inside of the fence if you ever need to.

How many gallons of water in a 15 feet above ground swimming pool that is 3 feet deep?

You need to provide information on the area of the pool as well.

what side measures 50 feet. She also wants to fence in 3 square rose beds next to her garden. Each side of a bed measures 10.5 feet. How many feet of fencing does Laurel need in all?


How many gallons in a 20x35 pool?

You need more information. But, let's assume the pool is 8 feet deep at the deep end and 3 feet at the shallow end. If the pool is rectangular, the total volume will be 28,798 gallons of water.

Do we need a fencing on a 3 feet pool?

That would depend on your local ordinances. Check with the city where you live. Even if your local department of inspections does not require one, your insurance company will. Even those inflatable pools people purchase need a safety fence in most areas of the country.

How many gallons of water in 12 feet x 3 feet pool?

A round pool that is 12 feet across and is filled to a depth of 3 feet contains 2,548.8 gallons of water.

How much water does a pool 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep hold?

It depends on how long the pool is.

Wood Fence Repair?

form_title=Wood Fence Repair form_header=12493 What kind(s) of repair do you need?*= [] Fence is damaged [] Other [] Post is damaged [] Gate is sagging [] Fence is loose [] Hardware is damaged/broken/missing [] Fence is rusty [] Post is wobbly How high is the fence in question?*= () 4-6 feet () Less than 4 feet () 6-8 feet () Greater than 8 feet How would you describe the style of fencing you need to have repaired?*= () Post and rail (2 rail) () Cable fencing () Post and pole (spiked) () 2x6 board fence () Picket fencing () Post and pole (dowel) () Post and rail (3 rail) () Other

How long is 3' deep for a swimming pool?

the # ' means feet so if 3' is 3 feet

How large of a container do you need to hold 1136 gallons?

My swimming pool holds 1250 gallons. It is 12 feet diameter and 3 feet deep.

How much fence wire for 3 acres?

For a three-acre square-shaped lot, you'd need a minimum of about 1,446 feet of fencing.

How many gallons to fill a 25 x 50 ft pool with a deep end of 9 ft and shallow 3 feet deep?

Not knowing the point where the pool begins the transition from 3 feet to 9 feet makes it a little hard to answer. If it slopes directly from 3 to 9 feet the answer would be approximately 56,250 gallons. The calculation for a rectangle pool is: ((Shallow end depth + deep end depth) / 2) * length * width) = pool volume in cubic feet Pool cubic feet * 7.5 = gallons of water the pool holds Not knowing the point where the pool begins the transition from 3 feet to 9 feet makes it a little hard to answer. If it slopes directly from 3 to 9 feet the answer would be approximately 56,250 gallons. The calculation for a rectangle pool is: ((Shallow end depth + deep end depth) / 2) * length * width) = pool volume in cubic feet Pool cubic feet * 7.5 = gallons of water the pool holds

Swimming in pool 45 feet long how many laps do you need to swim for a mile?

117 1/3 times down the length of the pool (or) 58 2/3 of down AND back.

How to Look For Pool Fences That are Safe and Pretty?

The main purpose of a pool fence is safety. It is meant to keep out children, animals and people who may try to get into the pool when no one is around. If something happens, you will feel bad and possibly be in trouble for not having a pool fence. One popular type of pool fence that is not only protective but attractive is the removable mesh pool fence. This fence is made to go as close to the pool as possible and will enclose the entire pool. Some fencing goes around the patio and the areas around the pool as well, but this removable mesh fence surrounds only the pool. By doing it this way, it protects anyone from going into the pool. The mesh fence cannot be climbed like a standard fence could be climbed. It is simply a screen, but is made to be very sturdy. The removable mesh pool fence should have a lifetime guaranty. If it does not, it may not be a good fence to buy. This fence will withstand the harshest weather, even in the winter. Since the fence is needed year round to keep everyone out of the pool, this is a very important safety factor. Also the fence has a border on all four sides of a strong vinyl material to keep the fence from sagging. The borders should use the strongest marine thread to last through years of sunlight and inclement weather. Before choosing a mesh pool fence, be sure it has four stitches in the border. The mesh is then mounted on reinforced aluminum poles and has aluminum cove molding strips attached to all of the poles. An optional safety gate is available to go with the removable mesh pool fence. This fence should have a snap safety latch. It is nickel-plated to assure that it will never get rusty. This gate should also come with a lifetime warranty to assure it is the true safety gate. There is also an optional wireless alarm that goes with the gate in case someone is trying to get into the pool area. This mesh pool fence comes in different heights including 3 1/2’, 4’, and 5’. It is probably the safest idea to go with the highest fence.

How high should electric fence be for calfs?

no less than 3 feet

If square garden has a side of 22 feet how much fence is needed to enclose the garden?

88 feet? unless you add a Gate? 3 foot or 4 foot Which would require 85 or 84 feet of fence

What is the safest above-ground pool cover?

No above ground pool cover is safe for little ones as adults can be in a rush and forget to "buckle down the hatches." Usually the covers that fit over the sides and are clipped down are the best. However, a fence around the above pool is even better. Marcy A swimming pool safety cover is latched down over the pool. Have atleast 3 barriers where anyone needs to get through to get to the pool. Door alarm Fence Alarm on the fence Safety cover

What is one third of a 32 foot fence?

1/3 of 32 feet (9.75 meters) is 10 2/3 feet (3.25 meters).

How many gallons of water in a 12 foot round pool that is 3 feet deep?

A 12-foot round pool with 3 feet of water depth contains about 2,550 gallons.

How many gallons of water is a 10ft pool?

If it is a round pool that is 10 feet wide and has 3 feet of water then it contains 1,770 gallons of water.

How many gallons in pool 13 feet diameter times 3 feet depth?

There are about 916.5 gallons of water in a pool that is 13 feet in diameter and 3 feet in depth. This is because it has a volume of about 122.5 cubic feet, and there are about 7.48 gallons of water in one cubic foot.

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