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Yes it does. I've replaced my sand twice in 12 years. But I know others who have not. Depends on the amount of debri it has to remove and what type. I have too many nearby trees. I knew my sand was finished when the back pressure got so high it blew out the skimmer basket when it turned off. Replacing the sand takes a couple of hours. Good luck.

Sand needs to be replaced every three to five years. Proper backwashing and treatment with a sand revitalizer will keep your filter working efficiently throughout the sand's useful lifecycle.

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Q: Does pool sand wear out and need to be changed?
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How do you prevent sand from leaking into pool?

If you are talking about sand getting into the pool via the pool returns then you are probably in need of new laterals in your sand filter. These wear out every so now and then and need replacing.

Why do you have sand in your gunite pool?

If you have a sand filter the laterals in it may be starting to show signs of wear these wil blow sand from the sand filter into the pool when they wear out.

Does dust in the pool water mean it needs to be resurfaced?

No it either means you have to clean your pool more often or it can mean that the radials in your sand filter are stating to wear and need replacing.

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When do you replace the sand in your pool filter?

Why would you want to? Sand doesn't wear out. Sand Filters don't do a very good job of cleaning Pool water Until they develop a layer of hair, skin and other debris like bugs etc on top of the sand. Even then, a Cartridge Filter and DE Filter do a much better job.

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Why is your filter shooting sand out of it?

Sound like the laterals are wearing out these are the spokes at the bottom of the sand filter after time they wear out and don't stop the sand any more they will need replacing.

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What could be making our pool pump send the same dirt back into our pool into the same spots?

If the spots are under the pool returns and you have a cartridge filter of some sort then there may be a hole in the filter somewhere or a flaw in the seal that holds it in place. If the dirt is sand and you have a sand filter the laterals in the bottom of the sand filter may be starting to wear and need replacing. A more realistic answer would be that your pool has poor circulation and those "dirt spots" are eddys where there is little circulation so any dust, dirt, leaves, bugs etc that are in suspension just drop off there and settle to the bottom. Poorly designed pool hydraulics.

Is changing sand important in a sand filter?

Yes. After several years the sand begins to round out like river stones and become less effective. It can also become caked with oils, calcium and other debris from the pool. How often you need to change the sand in your filter will depend upon different factors such as running time, water chemistry and filter size. A good rule of thumb is to change it about every 3yeats. When you empty the old sand from the filter, that is a good opportunity to check the laterals and other internals of the tank for wear and tear.

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