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Yes it does. I've replaced my sand twice in 12 years. But I know others who have not. Depends on the amount of debri it has to remove and what type. I have too many nearby trees. I knew my sand was finished when the back pressure got so high it blew out the skimmer basket when it turned off. Replacing the sand takes a couple of hours. Good luck.

Sand needs to be replaced every three to five years. Proper backwashing and treatment with a sand revitalizer will keep your filter working efficiently throughout the sand's useful lifecycle.

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2015-07-15 18:27:16
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Q: Does pool sand wear out and need to be changed?
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If you are talking about sand getting into the pool via the pool returns then you are probably in need of new laterals in your sand filter. These wear out every so now and then and need replacing.

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