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Yes, it has the following three: 39K (93.3%), 40K (0.0117%), and 41K (6.7%).

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What are the isotopes for sulfur?

Sulfur has 4 naturally occuring stable isotopes: 32, 33, 34, 36.

Is gallium a naturally occurring isotopes?

No. Gallium is an element. The element Gallium has two naturally occuring stable isotopes (69Ga and 71Ga) and abpout 29 unstable isotopes.

How many neutrons does potassium have'?

Potassium has 3 naturally occuring isotopes 39K, 40K, 41K It has an atomic number, (number of protons), of 19 so it contains 20, 21 or 22 depending on the isotope.

Are there any other isotopes of xenon?

Xenon has eight stable naturally occuring isotopes. Besides these stable forms, there are over 40 unstable isotopes that have been studied.

What are main radioactive materials?

Salt substitute - contains potassium chloride. A slight amount of naturally occuring potassium is radioactive.

Why are banana radioactive?

Because bananas are high in potassium, they have naturally occurring isotopes of potassium, of which potassium-40 is one.

As an element occurs as a mixture of naturally occuring isotopes what is the atomic mass of the element based upon?

Both the masses and the relative abundances of the individual isotopes

Is indium radioactive?

No. Naturally occuring indium is not radioactive. there are many isotopes of indium created artiificially, many of these are radioactive. See wikipedia "Isotopes of indium" for a list.

Is potassium an isotope?

Potassium is an isotope. There are many isotopes of potassium, the most common naturally occurring isotope having mass number 39 (39K). The next most common natural potassium isotopes are 40K and 41K.

Which causes maximum radioactive contamination out of there sodium radium potassium?

Radium, by a big margin. Radium has no isotopes that are not radioactive, but no naturally occurring isotopes of potassium or sodium are radioactive.

When the masses of all naturally occuring isotopes of a particular element are averaged the result is called the elements what?

Average atomic mass.

What are the three naturally occurring isotopes of potassium?

39K (93.3%), 40K (0.0117%), and 41K (6.7%).

There are 2 naturally occuring isotopes of Rubidium 85 Rb Mass 84.91u Mass 85.47u 87 Rb Mass 86.82u What is the percent abundance of each of the isotope?

If there are 2 naturally occuring isotopes of Rubidium 85 Rb Mass 84.91u Mass 85.47u 87 Rb Mass 86.82u, then is 15 the percent abundance of each of the isotope.

When the masses of all naturally occurring isotopes of a particular element are averaged the result is called an elements what?

The weighted average of all of the natural occuring isotopes for a particular element is called its Atomic Weight (or Relative Atomic Mass)

What is the heaviest of the naturally occurring noble gases?

Radon is the heaviest naturally occuring noble gas but it is unstable. The stable and heaviest naturally occuring noble gas is Xenon.

Copper has two naturally occuring isotopes Cu-63 has an atomic mass of 62.9296 amu and an abundance of 69.17 What is the atomic mass of the other isotope?


How does potassium-19 differ from potassium-41?

The nomenclature "potassium-19" is not commonly used because it is redundant. The 19 in potassium-19 would indicate the number of protons in potassium. All isotopes of potassium have 19 protons. Therefore 19 is known as the atomic number of potassium. Potassium-41 is one of the three naturally occurring isotopes of potassium. It has 19 protons and 22 neutrons, giving it an atomic mass number of 41.

What is the mass number of potasium?

Potassium occurs naturally on earth in three isotopes with mass numbers 39, 40, and 41. Of these, the isotope K-40 is known to be radioactive, but has a very long half life. There are many other radioactive isotopes of potassium.

How many elements are naturally occuring?


Is niobium man made?

No it is naturally occuring

How many naturally occuring atoms are there?


What is a naturally occuring element?

an example is oxygen

What is the origin of goitrogens in the diet?

Naturally occuring

How many electrons and isotopes are in a helium atom?

2 electrons. He-4 and He-3 are the two most occuring isotopes.

Is copper found naturally or synthetically made?

copper is a naturally occuring element

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