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yeah sure does that answer your question?

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Q: Does pre-seminal fluid that comes out for the second time after an hour you had ejected sperms contains sperms?
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What is the mixture of sperm cells and other fluids that are ejected from the penis called?

It is called the semen. It contains sperms etc

What is the liquid that contains sperms?


Do sperms contain chromosomes?

Yes, it contains chromosomes

How sperms can be ejected without sex?

There are basically three ways to get an ejaculation. One is by sexual intercourse, the second is by masturbation (basically, playing with your penis), and the third is involuntarily - the so-called "wet dreams", that usually happen when you are asleep.

Can pre-ejaculate make anyone pregnant?

Yes, it contains sperms as well.

Why is the fluid from seminal vesicle mixed with the sperms?

Secretion of seminal vesicles contains fructose.Fructose is the substrate used in production of energy need in swimming of sperms.

What cavity contains reproductive organs?

Sperms cell female reproduction system procduces

The head of the sperm that contains enzymes that have the capacity to dissolve the sperms way into the egg is called the what?


Can women get pregnant if she drink sperms?

No, the digestive system contains strong acids and enzymes that break down proteins.

What is a high sperm count?

Over 10,000 sperms per second,but it depends on the size of your testicals.

If girl ejected and man not then its possible for a girl to get pregnant?

Even before ejaculating, the fluid coming out of the penis (called seminal fluid), contains sperms. If these enter into the girl, irrespective of whether she has ejected (climaxed) she can become pregnant. What is more important is that , if the man is infected with HIV/AIDS virus, hepatitis virus or any other sexually transmitted disease, he can infect the girl. Be careful with sex, and only stick to your lawfully wedded partner. Illicit sex is HARAM and a great gunah (sin)

How long does it take the sperm and the egg to join?

Sperms are deposited at the posterior vault of vagina from where that start their journey towards On the way, they have to cross cervix and before reaching near to egg. Al sperms can not reach to fallopian tube. A good quality of ejaculate contains 25-30% fast moving sperms. These fast moving sperms can reach near egg within 15-20 minutes. If ejaculate contains less percentage of fast moving sperms then more time is needed that can be up to few hours. Once sperms reach near egg, they start to secrete that dissolve the egg shell and then one sperm can unite with egg to cause pregnancy.

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