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Does proactive work?


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May 30, 2012 12:15AM

I think it works really well, FOR MY SKIN. Everyone's skin and acne is different, but from MY experience, proactiv was very helpful. I was amazed by the speed of the treatment! In just THREE DAYS I was seeing results. You might see a lot of bad reviews, saying it make their skin dry, and caused it to peel. This is from over-use, and if you do use proactiv, make sure you only use the SUGGESTED AMOUNT, and be very careful! Hope your future is full of clear skin!


I am a thirteen year old. And I have only been using Proactive for not even 2 weeks and all it has done is make my skin break-out more. I have more black-heads and you know those big irritating red pimples? Well Proactive has given me more of them. Not only does it dry out my skin, but it makes your acne more noticeable. At first I thought it was working great, but then I noticed it really wasn't. I don't have that bad of acne, but now I somewhat do. The instructions say that you will notice clearer and fresher skin within the first day or week. Well that is lies! I have been using it longer than 2 weeks and my face is NOT clear! I am more emotional about my skin and it really dampers how you feel about yourself. Although Proactive didn't work for me, it may have worked for you and still is. It just all depends on how you are. Different products work for different people. The acne world is a hard one.

I have been using pro active for a while now and I love it, but it all depends on if your pores can handel it since its very strong.