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No he likes keke Palmer and he said it and she is way to old for him so I doubt there is going to a relationship going on between them but he does not have a girlfriend yet


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No Prodigy from mindless behavior is not crosseyed

if your asking where prodigy is from he is from Philadelphia he is the only one from mindless behavior not from California

Yes, prodigy from mindless behavior dose have a tattoo

He was discovered off of Youtube.

He was smoking and Kissing a girl

yes you can indeed thank you dr pilosol

prodigy likes tented hearted girl and a ms right girl a girl just his type and a girl thats mindless LOVE,priceton

yes it is zendaya off of shake it up

no Princeton isnt single he has a girlfriend

He was never in jail so stop asking if he still in tgere

No, all of the boys from Mindless Behavior are single. although Princeton recently had a girlfriend, but she broke up with him.

prodigy off of mindless. one thing that he look in a girl is her own sence of style. and onother one is that he dont like girls that ware makeup you can look it up on youtube put in what does mindless bahavior looks forward in to a girl

sorry i am the number one fan so u better get away from my princeton and my prodigy so BACK OFF

NO he just likes to wear glasses so who ever asked this question is stupid

Personally u think RAY RAY is better than PRODIGY but people say RAY RAY is gay and I don't believe it

yes you can call 773-654-2549 this is his phone number....

She is fine because it is me Kaia. So back off ladies his mine .

mindless behavior is so cute because they just are and my favorite is princeton he looks so cute with his glasses off my 2nd is ray ray we have the same favorite color then roc then prodigy

because prodigy looks so ugly without his glasses that is why he doesn't leave his glasses off

no mindless behavior and omg girlz are like brother and sister

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