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Does radiator have fluid level sensor?

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since it wouldn't let me put it in, it is a 2003 stratus, 2.4 liter. radiator got a hole in it , did not overheat , no codes showing , but it wont start now!

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Washer fluid level sensor 2001 villager?

The 2001 Villager washer fluid level sensor is inside of the washer fluid reservoir. The sensor can be access through the bottom of the washer fluid reservoir.

Where is the coolant sensor located on a Pontiac Montana 2000?

The "Low Coolant Sensor" on a 1997 Pontiac Montana is located appro 6" below the radiator cap which is on the left as your facing the engine. The sensor measures the fluid level in the radiator itself and is prone to giving false alarms when it gets dirty.

How do you replace coolant level sensor?

It is in the passenger side coolant tank on the radiator. If the light is on and the coolant is at the proper level then the sensor is defective. To replace it you will have to drain the radiator. Disconnect the wire and remove the clip and remove the sensor.

How do you replace a low coolant sensor on a 2001 Buick Century?

Take it to the nearest mechanic and fork out about $200... Or for a real answer...the sensor is on the passnger side of the radiator below the radiator cap. It is black and square and has a single plug at the bottom. It is held onto the radiator by a metal retaining clip. Remove the clip and the sensor pulls out of the radiator. Disconnect the wire by pulling carefully on the plastic lock and pull on the plug. Fluid will leak out to level of sensor. Drain or place catch basin below sensor plug to catch radiator fluid. Sensor can be purchased through a dealer for around $70 US, or Aut*Z*ne for under $40 US. Your choice.

Where is the radiator fluid leaking from?

looks like a sensor or thermostat going into engine block

On a 1995 Chevy Cavalier what is a warning light that comes on and off which has an arrow pointing down over some water or fluid level?

It is the radiator warning light. Usually it indicates low radiator fluid level. I have had this come on when I have had some minor radiator leaks leading to radiator coolant level going down.

Will the radiator over flow make the transmission go up?

If you mean does the transmission fluid level rise, the usual problem is a leak in the trans cooler built in to the radiator. Depending on engine temperature fluid will transfer back and forth between the radiator fluid and the auto trans fluid changing the level and color of both.

Where does radiator fluid go?

Unless your radiator has a leak, the radiator fluid stays in the radiator.

Why would your radiator still be leaking even after it has been replaced?

Maybe it's not the radiator. Maybe it is one of the radiator hoses that is leaking. Or possibly the radiator cap or a level sensor.

What is the best sensor for measuring the level of fluid?

depends on the container and what type of fluid is being measured

Which is better water or radiator fluid?

radiator fluid

How do i turn off 2006 Dodge Sprinter washer fluid level warning light?

Fill the washer fluid or repair the level sensor in the washer fluid bottle.

What is the sensor on the side of the master cylinder?

That is a low fluid level switch.

Where is the water sensor for a 88 Bonneville?

If you mean the low coolant sensor, it is located on the radiator about 3-4 inches below the cap, it screws into the back side of the radiator. There is also a low washer fluid sensor located in the top of the winshield washer reservior.

When the car is cold it starts but when it gets hot it turns off?

Sounds like you have radiator trouble. Have you checked the fluid level in the radiator?

What is the boiling point of radiator fluid that is 50 percent antifreeze by mass?

212 f at sea level in the radiator it is pressurised and is higher than that

Your low coolant lite is coming on when the radiator is full?

Check the level in the overflow bottle. If it is full the level sensor may be bad.

Why does the low coolant light burn when there is plenty of coolant in the radiator on a 2001 Chevrolet Impala?

There is a low level sensor in the side of the radiator. They do go bad.

Why would 1998 Maxima brake light stay on?

Low brake fluid level or a stuck brake fluid level sensor. Check the brake fluid level and if it is ok, tap on the master cylinder reservoir with your finger

2001 century buick radiator fans will not run unless ac is on Have replaced the temp sensor same problem Coolant level sensor in radiator checks fine?

it is the hicky that sits on top of the gas tank

The radiator symbol is showing but the reservoir is full what is the problem?

It could be one of several issues: 1. The sensor in the radiator overflow bottle is stuck, disconnected or damaged 2. The actual level of fluid in the radiator itself is low, perhaps caused by a blockage or interruption in the overflow tube that connects the radiator and the overflow bottle 3. The thermostat is stuck in the open or closed position, requiring a replacement of the thermostat First things to check: 1. While the vehicle engine is COLD, check that the level of fluid in the reservoir does not exceed the COLD level. 2. Run the vehicle for 20 to 30 minutes of normal driving, then check the reservoir level. The level of fluid in the reservoir should be raised to the HOT level. 3. Let the engine completely cool for several hours. Check the reservoir level again. It should have dropped back down to the COLD level. If the level in the reservoir does not change between the times the engine is cold and hot, you have a problem with your engine's cooling system. Wait several for the engine to completely cool, then open the radiator cap and verify that the radiator is full of fluid. Check the overflow tube that runs from the radiator neck to the reservoir bottle to ensure that it is free of obstructions.

What does it mean when the radiator light comes on in a 1997 Cadillac Catera?

Check fluid level in the resovior tank. If fluid level is OK, check the level switch. The level switch controls the dash light. If fluid id OK, and you dont want to replace the switch...unplug it.

Why does your 2010 Town and Country show low washer fluid level when full?

You have a level sensor or wiring malfunction.

Where is the coolant level sensor located on a buick regal 3.1 liter engine?

it is in the middle of the radiator resevior

What is the sensor on a 97 Ford Ranger master cylinder resivior caller?

I believe Ford calls it the " brake fluid level sensor "