Does rap suck?

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Q: Does rap suck?
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Is Lil Wayne ruining rap music?

Yes, most rap now a days suck

What countries have rap music?

Other than america, the best rap is in RUSSIA. russian rap is beast. Latin american countries have rap, england and france has rap (even though they suck), and, well, germany has rap, even though it sucks.

How do you fry screamo?

you dont. screamo rocks. rap sucks all rock is good suck on that

How do you make out with a girl the first time?

you take her by the leg rap it round your body then suck her toes

How do you chop a pickle?

well you get a purple peice of paper and rap it around the pickle then suck it up with a hoover.

If you were charged with a felony and they drop it to a misdemeanor and you plead no contest is it still being convicted of a felony?

No. Though it still may appear on your RAP sheet as a felony conviction (as RAP sheets suck). And, if you received a withhold of adjudication, it won't even be a conviction of a misdemeanor.

Can you make a rap about comets?

rap rap rap

Why does Rap music suck?

I cant stand it but for most parts it is talentless and annoying. They play no instruments and is one of the main reasons of kids turning into wanna be gang bangers.

Why do rap and hip hop music suck now?

Because its sold out. Nobody is has a proper back story like the days of NWA. Try listening to Sage Francis, You will like him.

What is rap all about?

rap is a series of words that tell a story most people rap fast but rap is about how you yourself rap not other people

Types of rap music?

Alternative hip Planets Christian hip hop Comedy hip hop Conscious hip hop Country-rap Crunk Crunkcore Electro Freestyle rap G-Funk Gangsta rap Grime House music Hardcore hip hop Hip hop soul Horrorcore Hyphy Instrumental hip hop Jazz rap Mafioso rap Nerdcore hip hop Political hip hop Pop-rap Rap rock Snap music Turntablism Classic Rap West Coast Hip Hop East Coast Rap Tech-Rap Rasta Rap Old Skool Rap New Skool Rap Gospel Rap Rap Metal Death Rap Hardcore Rap Revolutionary Dirty south Religious Rap Grindcore Rap Hypher And Many More…

What is the rap song with the lyrics rap city rap rap city at the start?

rack city- By Tyga

What rap group was the first to create gangsta rap?

N.W.A. was the rap group that created gangsta rap.

What tipe of rap is there?

there are all types of rap music like gangsta rap, hardcore rap, alternative rap, East Coast, West Coast, South etc.

Why is rap called rap?

Rap is just Rap because it can be lyrically outnumbered than any other lyrical music.

Old school rap or new school rap?

New school rap.

What music kills more teenagers rap or country?

probably rap.

Why do rap artist rap?

they are good at it

What made the rap industry call it rap music?

rap stands for Rythym And Poetry

Rap what does rap in rap sheet stand for?

I think it stands for Record of Arrests and prosecutions

How do you say suck in Hungarian?

To suck: Szopni.I suck: ÉN szopokyou suck: TE szopszhe/she/it sucks: Ő szopikwe suck: MI szopunkyou suck: TI szoptokthey suck: ŐK szopnak

Does Bow wow sing rap?

he rap

How do you say rap in french?

le rap.

Is it ok to rap plastic rap on your iPod?


Does mc gibzy rap or mc?