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I dont think it does, it would actually increase your carbin footprint because of the use of machinery used to recycle your object takes. Im not a professional so maybe someone else can help with this question more than I can. I think the only way you can reduce your carbon footprint with items you recycle is to never use them, to use only items found in nature that are expelled by nature naturally- things that never needed to be "made" or "disposed" of.

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Q: Does recycling help to take down the amount of carbon foot print you have?
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How does recycling aluminum cans help your planet?

When you recycle cans, they can be melted down and made into other useful things. Recycling also uses far less energy than producing aluminum from bauxite. Any saving of energy reduces the amount of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emitted.

Which necessary step in the carbon recycling is missing from the student's model APEX?

D. Fungi, because they break down dead organisms.

What can recycling wood do for the environment?

Recycling wood/paper/cardboard reduces the demand for fresh-cut timber. Consequently, fewer trees have to be cut down and more forests can remain intact, providing habitat for plants and animals, a heat and carbon sink, and a portion of the oxygen we breathe. Rainforests and recycling are not necessarily directly related, unless the wood in question came from a rainforest-type tree. Recycling will not help save the rainforest unless it involves recycling products that originally came from the rainforest. The main reasons that rainforests are being cut down are cattle ranching and timber harvesting. Rather than recycling to save the rainforest, one should not buy products that cause rainforest deforestation. Recycling, however, does reduce the amount of waste in landfills and reduces the need to mine for new materials.

Does cutting down trees increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air?

Cutting down trees does increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air because trees take the carbon monoxide in the air and turn it into oxygen in a process called photosynthesis. Without as many trees then there is going to be more carbon dioxide in the air.

Which organelle is responsible for cellular recycling?

Lysosome, they assist in breaking down and recycling

What are the steps to protect environment?

You can protect the envoirment by reducing, reusing and recycling items.Not using cigarettes may prevent the ozone layer from depleting, this will also protect the environment.

How does the amount of trees being cut down every year affect our carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is usually used to refer to a single person (me), or a thing (this apple), or a family or household. It means the amount of carbon dioxide (or equivalent) released into the atmosphere by the activities, or existence of a peron, thing, or group.However, the amount of trees cut down every year affects the carbon footprint of the whole world. Trees (and all growing vegetation) remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. The oxygen is released and the carbon is stored in the wood of the trees.So when we cut down a tree we increaseour carbon footprint.

Why is recycling?

Recycling paper is important because then we don't need to cut down as much of the forest as we are doing now, because right now we are cutting too many trees down. Pollution is too high, the earth is vulnerable and we need to keep our earth's oxygen and the environment clean. Recycling is important because it saves resources and it saves energy. It also reduces the amount of material that we have to consign to landfills.

What are the downsides to recycling?

there are no down sides that I can think of.

How can recycling cans help earth?

Recycling can help the Earth in many ways. If you recycle paper, you save trees, which in turn reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere and reduce global warming. Trees photosynthesise, where they take in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and give out oxygen. Carbon dioxide is the main reason for global warming as it traps the Sun's heat in Earth's atmosphere. If you recycle aluminum, you save energy, as it takes much less energy to melt cans into fresh aluminum. Most energy comes from electricity produced by burning coal, so you cut down on carbon dioxide. The same with glass.

Which organelle breaks down waste materials in animal cells?

Lysosomes break down them. They involve in recycling

do you accept cfl's for recycling, and if so, what do you do with them?

You can take them to home dept for recycling. they take the gas out and melt them down.