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No. Unopened vinegar will store indefinitely if kept in a cool dry place

However opened vinegar will lose its taste after about 6 months through evaporation. Refrigeration may extend that period. If vinegar becomes cloudy - sniff it to see if it smells "off" (you will be able to tell) if it seems OK you can run it through a filter paper to make it clear again.

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Does red wine vinegar need to be refrigerated after opening?

No, it can be stored on the pantry shelf.

Should red wine vinegar be refrigerated?

No, red wine vinegar does not have to be refrigerated. It will spoil over a very long time, but that is not related to the storage temperature, rather to its exposure to air.

What proportion wine to vinegar to make red wine vinegar?

Red wine vinegar is not a combination of vinegar and red wine. It is red wine that has turned to vinegar, the alcohol being converted to acid.

Does red wine have vinegar in it?

No, red wine can turn into vinegar.

What is red wine vinegar?

It is vinegar made from red wine.

After you open red wine does it need to be refrigerated?

No. Red wine should be decanted, especially if it is older, before serving.

Is dry red wine the same as red wine vinegar?

No vinegar is different from wine.

Is there alcohol in red wine vinegar?

There is no alcohol in red wine vinegar.

What is the pH of Red Wine vinegar?

pH of Red Wine Vinegar is 2.4

Can a toddler have red wine vinegar?

Of course a toddler can have red wine vinegar.

What percentage of red wine vinegar is wine and what is vinegar?


Does red wine vinegar have sugar in it?

No,red wine vinegar does not contain any sugar.

Is white wine vinegar the same as white vinegar?

No they are not the same thing. White wine vinegar is made from white wine just like red wine vinegar is made from red wine. My grandpa used to make vinegar for salad from red wine. White vinegar is just white vinegar the one found in the grocery store. I am sure you can find the white wine vinegar too. :-)

Is red wine vinegar processed from wine?

vinegar is just sour wine. lol

What should you substitute for white wine vinegar?

red wine vinegar

Is red wine vinegar the same as red vinegar?


Does red wine vinegar have wine in it?

Red wine vinegar is red wine which has oxidized to turn into vinegar. Unless your vinegar is what is called "non-brewed condiment," ALL vinegar is oxidized alcoholic liquor. Wine vinegars are made from wines, cider vinegar is made from fermented apple juice, malt vinegar is made from a simple beer, etc.

Can you use apple cider vinegar instead of red wine vinegar in a marinade?

Yes, you can substitute apple-cider vinegar for red-wine vinegar; it works very well. In fact, you can actually turn apple-cider vinegar into red-wine vinegar by adding 1/2 cup of red wine to a quart of apple-cider vinegar.

Does red wine vinegar have gluten?

Heinz states that their brand of red wine vinegar is gluten free.

Can red wine vinegar make you test positive for alcohol?

No. Red wine vinegar contains no alcohol.

What do you subsitute wine vinegar with?

Vinegar is made from Wine so perhaps using a white or red wine in place of vinegar?

Can you substitute red wine vinegar for cider vinegar?

Substitute 4 parts red wine to every 2 parts of cider vinegar.

What is the difference between red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar?

Can you substitute red wine vinegar for red cooking wine?

Yes, you can substitute red for white and white for red wine vinegar. The flavor is slightly different, but the similarities are greater.

Can red wine vinegar replace red wine?

Only if you want what every you are cooking to taste like vinegar.