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Yes it does

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Q: Does rice grow in The Philippines?
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What is the rice granary of the Philippines?

Iloilo is the no.1 rice producing province in the Philippines

Where is rice grown in southeast Asia?

Rice can be grown in warm and moist areas of the world especially in Southeast Asia. They can grow in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Do the Philippines and china and japan have rice and tofu as staple food?

Yes, they eat rice and tofu as, especially rice in the Philippines.

Where is rice granary of the Philippines?

Rice Granary found on the Central Luzon of Philippines and add me and Friendster

Who contribute the rice in the Philippines?

farmers of course...not only in the philippines

Were do the japaness grow rice?

NOT JUST THE JAPANESE GROW RICE, but a place where rice is grown is called a rice patty

How many rice terraces in Mountain Province in Philippines?

There are approximately 18 rice terraces in the Mountain Province in the Philippines. Some of these are named Bangen Rice Terraces, Besao Rice Terraces, and Sadanga Rice Terraces.

What is the widest plain for planting rice in the Philippines?

Central Luzon is called the Rice Granary of the Philippines because it produces one third of the country's total rice production.

Where do you grow rice?

in rice paddys

Where on the rice plant does the rice grow?


Why is the Central plain of Luzon are called rice granary of the Philippines?

The Central Plain of Luzon is called the rice granary of the Philippines because of its vast fertile lands and favorable climate for rice cultivation. This region produces a significant amount of rice, which is a staple food in the Philippines, making it a major contributor to the country's rice supply.

Phil province where you can find rice plantation?

If you are looking for a province in the Philippines where you can find rice plantations, Nueva Ecija is known as the "Rice Granary of the Philippines" due to its vast rice fields and production. It is one of the major rice-producing provinces in the country.