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探偵 (tantei) and 刑事 (keiji) are both ways of saying "detective". As far as I can tell, there is no definition to "sato" that means detective.

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Q: Does sato mean detective in Japanese?
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How do you spell detective in Japanese?

I'm not sure what you mean, but meitantei is detective in Japanese i think

How do you write the word sato in Japanese?

里 (さと) Sato.

Is a painting by Japanese artist k sato worth anything?

k. sato e famoso pittore

Who was the first Japanese woman to climb Manaslu?

Kyoko Sato.

What has the author Kiyoji Sato written?

Kiyoji Sato has written: 'Nihon bunsho shi no kenkyu' -- subject- s -: Japanese language, Rhetoric, Grammar

Who knows about sato shori?

Leader of Sexy Zone. (japanese jr. Boyband)

What has the author Yukiharu Sato written?

Yukiharu Sato has written: 'Shi to sei no kiroku' -- subject(s): Education, Japan, Japanese Philosophy, Philosophy, Japanese 'Nihon no dento' -- subject(s): Japan, Zen Buddhism

My middle name is Sato. I was told it meant sugar in Japanese. Can someone verify this for translate the word for me?

The name Sato is typically written: 佐藤 Sugar is also pronounced Sato but written: 砂糖 They are totally different words. The name Sato is the most common surname in Japan, but does not have a specific meaning.

What is the word 'island' in Japanese?

Depending on context: inaka, kotan, mura, sato, shuuraku

What is the first name of motor racing driver takuma?

Do you mean last name of Takuma? If so its Sato. Takuma Sato.

What is the word dick when translated from English to Japanese?

if you mean penis then its penisu if you mean the nickname Dick its diku dick as in slang for detective its keiji

How do you say hidden sun village in Japanese?

I think it might be Taiyougakure no Sato - Village Hidden in the Sun.