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yes. it has good graphics. a lot of people say it has bad graphics but it dosen't.

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Q: Does sega superstars tennis have good graphics?
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When did Sega Superstars Tennis happen?

Sega Superstars Tennis happened in 360.

When was Sega Superstars Tennis created?

Sega Superstars Tennis was created on 2008-03-17.

Is nuckels in Sega superstars tennis?

Knuckles is found in Sega Tennis but not a playable character.

How do you delete sega superstars tennis?

If you have an Xbox 360, then you go to memory, then there will be a section saying "Games" and it will show how much memory your games take up, select that, then go over the game, "Sega Superstars Tennis" and select delete. Simple. Oh yeah, if you go to your gamer profile and select games, the game "Sega Superstars Tennis" will be there permanently, Sorry.

How do you get gilius on Sega superstars tennis?

get 9million points then beat dr eggman on special stage

When did Sega Superstars happen?

Sega Superstars happened in 2004.

How do you unlock all planets in Sega superstars tennis?

Beat the mission with sonic or shadowor egg man

What actors and actresses appeared in Sega Superstars Tennis - 2008?

The cast of Sega Superstars Tennis - 2008 includes: Julissa Aguirre as NiGHTS Kaoru Morota as AiAi Lisa Ortiz as Amy Rose Casey Robertson as Reala Apollo Smile as Ulala Konami Yoshida as MeeMee

When was Sega Superstars created?

Sega Superstars was created on 2004-10-22.

Is it possible to defeat Shadow and Dr.Eggman in Sega superstars tennis?

Yes, But you need to be extra careful when their specials are activated.

How do you get gum in Sega superstars tennis?

To get gum you need complete the mission 12 of jet set radio.Hope this help you guys to get Gum.

Do you unlock silver in sega superstars?