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Some sperm is said to be able to survive for up to 3 days. it's doubtful that you would get pregnant but it would be a good idea if you are worried to go get a morning after pill... it may seem expensive but 40 bucks to make sure you are not pregnant.


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Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.

Yes it is normal for semen to flow out for all women.All the semen does not have to stay inside of you for you to get pregnant. It only takes a drip not the whole thing.

Yes it is normal. At times some will come out, however the majority will stay in.

There is no possible way you are having intercourse and the cum doesn't stay in it always goes in somehow don't think it.

a few minutes. Only a sperm from the semen fuses with women egg and all the other comes out after few minutes maybe 15 to 16 minutes.

It's not supposed to stay inside of her. The sperms are swimming along anyway but the semen has to come out. Her body can not absorb it.

There is a possibility Im sure. Semen travels through liquid so enough of it and I dont see why not

Nothing at all other than a mess inside you. Semen will not harm your fetus or uterus.

Semen, outside of the body, cannot survive for very long. The semen inside your body does not "go bad".

Yes the semen always come back out, this is normal. It has no place to go and the sperms are swimming towards the uterus.

If his semen got inside you could be pregnant

No, it needs to get inside your vagina.

kill semen inside vacuoles.

Yes. Air will not kill the sperm instantly. The semen keeps the sperm fresh ready to be released inside the vagina. The semen needs to dry out before the sperm dies out in the open.

If you are inside stay inside. If you are outside stay outside. If you are upstairs stay there and the same for downstairs.

Well a man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina. And he comes inside of it, that white fluid contains semen. Semen gets a woman pregnate.

Yes, if a man has ejaculated inside you, and you let the semen remain in your body, there is the possibility that you will become pregnant.

His semen will start leaking out of you.

Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

no they go start as kid for 7days then to teens for 7days after which they become an adult

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