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Does sex effect the heart rate and if so in what way?

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Yes it does affect the heart rate. Sex is an extremely physically demanding activity. Some people compare having one round of sex to running around a football ground 3 times which equals running nearly 1 km. So when you indulge yourself in such activity, naturally your heartbeat would go up...

2009-06-06 10:05:44
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Q: Does sex effect the heart rate and if so in what way?
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What type of sport can you do when you have a heart problem?

if you are looking for an enjoyable way to get fit and loose weight with an heart problem try anal sex with a animal of some sort... it is pleasurable and it keeps the heart rate down :)

Why does chocolate and caffeine effect a pursons heart rate?

It enhances or stimulates the nervous system, thus causing the mind and body to work at a level higher than usual. Hence the heart rate climbs. By the way, it's spelled person's, not pursons, and you use the word does when referencing one subject, more than one you use the word "do". "Why do chocolate and caffeine effect a person's heart rate."

How can you get a heart attack?

if ur heart rate speeds up way past normal (that can be caused by stress, sex, Viagra [if u take too much because the normal dosage is 300 milligrams], or a heart disorder)

How does sports video game affect heart rate?

The only way it would affect your heart rate is if you got excited or nervous, which would raise your heart rate.

If i Am 19 weeks pregnant and baby's heart rate is 140 what is the sex?

Oh you can't tell it that way. You need to do a ultrasound for that so they can see. You can't just truest the heartbeat.

How does heart rate affect the adrenal glands?

The heart rate in the human body doesn't actually affect the adrenal glands. Its the other way around. The adrenal glands affect the heart rate by rising the rate over what it actually should be.

What is the best way to determine if an activity contributes to cardiovascular fitness?

By checking your pulse and seeing if you heart rate is in the target heart rate zone.

What can you do to lower your average heart rate?

excercise is the easiest way to lower you resting heart rate because if you excersize your heart becomes stronger and can pump more blood around the body. excercise is the easiest way to lower you resting heart rate because if you excersize your heart becomes stronger and can pump more blood around the body.

What should happen to a person's heart rate after exercising?

You should walk around or stetch so that your heart rate slows down very gradually, as that is the best way for the heart to adjust back to its normal pump rate.

Does taking a deep breath affect your heart rate?

It depends but if you breath slow you heart rate will go down. It not harmful this way, just remember to breath.

Why heart beats are increased when you are afraid?

Your adrineline is way up therefore making your heart rate go up

Age and physical fitness have any effect on heart rate?

Both age and physical fitness can have an effect on heart rate. In simple terms, the heart is a giant muscle. If you go through your life without working out, then this muscle will have to work harder to get its work done, which is helping to supply oxygen to the rest of the body. Working out, increases the workload capacity of this muscle. The average resting pulse for most people is between 70-76 BPM. A good resting HR is under 70. Many avid runners have a resting HR at or under 60 BPM. This is why aerobic exercise. (exercise that also works out the heart) is so important. Think of it this way. If you can knock 10 BPM off your Heart rate, think about how much easier your heart will work over its lifetime.

Does your heart rate increase when you are scared?

Yes, your heart rate will increase when you get scared. If you get scared enough to get an adrenaline rush ("fight or flight" response), your heart rate goes WAY up to make sure your body has the blood it needs to either fight or run. Being tense in a scary situation can get your heart rate up as well.

What is the Best way to measure of cardiorespiratory fitness?

measure your resting heart rate

Why does your heart rate increase in hot weather?

Because God made it that way.

How can you decrease your resting heart rate?

You can decrease your resting heart rate by getting in really good shape. Running is a vigorous cardiovascular exersise that will get you in really good shape. Exersising intensly is the best way to decrease your resting heart rate. Sports like running, soccer, basketball, tennis, ect will decrease your resting heart rate.

Next to looking at the heart rate on the monitor what is the next easiest way to assess heart rate?

Place you index and middle finger together on your wrist and count the heartbeats by feeling the veins. Count the beats for 15 Seconds and multiply by four. That will give you the heart rate.

What is indicated by my heart beat slowing way down and beating really hard for a few seconds after sex before returning to normal?

You can not concentrate on your heart beats during the sex. You will loose the erection.

How acceleration effect gravity?

Acceleration does not effect gravity. It is rather the other way round. Gravity can affect the rate of acceleration.

Procedures for heart rate of boys and girls?

Is that measuring heart rate? If so it is the same way for both boys and girls. There are different methods but the easiest way is to find the pulse under your neck (near your ears) and put medium pressure on it. count the number of beats in ten seconds and times that number by 6, that is your heart rate per minute.

Do certain video games affect heart rate?

Video games can affect heart rate in the same way movies do, playing a scary game, or getting very intensely into a game are examples.

What conditions would increase heart rate?

running on a treadmil is a great way to increase heart rate, Stress on a person could increase it aswell, or lack of sleep. Illegal drugs such as crystal methamphetamyn and cocain keep your heart racing.

What Exercise Heart Rate Means To You?

Many people have heard that doing cardiovascular exercise can improve heart health. But what people don't realize is that cardiovascular exercise must be done the right way in order the get any kind of benefit for the heart. The term exercise heart rate is something many people are not familiar with and is an important aspect to getting a quality cardiovascular workout.To understand your exercise heart rate, you need to understand some other important terms first.Resting Heart Rate- This term represents your heart rate at rest. This number is usually taken first upon waking up in the morning. For example, you could have a resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute.Maximum Heart Rate- This number is derived from subtracting 220 from your age. For example, a 40 year old would have a maximum heart rate of 180.Heart Rate Reserve- This is the range of your pulse rate between your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate. In the example above, the heart rate reserve is between 60-180.Exercise Heart Rate- This term is the one we are discussing. Basically your exercise heart rate is the pulse you have during exercise measured as a percentage of your heart rate reserve. For example, if your resting heart rate is 60 and you reach a pulse of 120 during exercise, you are said to be exercising at about 50% of your heart rate reserve.Your exercise heart rate is an important determination of how hard you should exercise. Here is an example of what it's used for:Fat Burning Exercise requires you to have and exercise heart rate of 50-60% in order to burn fat.Aerobic Exercise is the cardiovascular exercise you need for great heart health. Your exercise heart rate should be 60-70% for aerobic exercise to take place.Anaerobic Exercise usually occurs in athletes that are constantly working. The body cannot keep up with the oxygen required and the body's fuel reserves are used. The exercise heart rate for this type is 80-90%.To get the maximum heart benefit from cardiovascular exercise, be sure to exercise at 60-70% of your heart rate reserve.

Does rock music make heart rate go up?

yes at times. i listened to adelitas way for 1 minute and my heart rate started at 65 and when i listened to the song it went up to 75

Why do cyclists burn more calories?

Calories burned is very closely related to your heart rate, and cycling is a very good way to get your heart rate up, and to keep it up consistently for long periods.