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Does she like you or is she just being nice?


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If she stops converstations when you are around or giggles a lot there is a good chance she likes you, the best thing you can do now is try to be her friend the truth's got to come out sooner or later. Good luck!


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Well if he is flirting with you then he likes you.

Well i would suppose its all based on the comment if its just causal then he is being nice . If its more of a hey you look nice in that dress you're wearing , then chances are he might like you. Then if he ignores you for more than a day, he isn't interested, but before he was being nice.

Look at how he acts with other girls

Maybe she's just being nice.... Or you're in the friend zone

just be nice and tell her the truth that she is being rude and she might understand and stop being rude

keep being nice 2 her you should just be yourself

koji never liked zoe....he is just being a nice friend to her

No they are probably just being nice or friendly

I guess he could. Or he's just being nice.

Chances are that he likes ya.. i know because i used to do that too...

Just try being their friend and be super nice. they might change their mind about you...

most likey it just depends on what type of guy your talking about if it is like some trouble maker dude that has a lot of diffrent girls all the time and does drugs and hangs around the wrong crowd of people most likey he is just using you for sex he is being nice to you to get in your pants but not all guys are like that he mite be just being nice to you because he actually really really does like you alot and is hopeing you thank him for being nice to you and wants a long term relationship with you

It depends. Sometimes it means he is just being nice!

Being nice is generally good, if you do it for the right reasons. Being nice just to get something is generally wrong. The downsides to being nice is that people may think you are weak, easy to take advantage of, or trying to get something. In that case, you may have to take time to explain your intentions, or at least just persist at being nice.

go deep inside find out do you really like him. ask yourself do i like him is he nice or is he just cute get rid of him being cute and well just look at his personallity. go deep inside find out do you really like him. ask yourself do i like him is he nice or is he just cute get rid of him being cute and well just look at his personallity.

It may mean he's trying to turn you on, or he's just being nice.

Probably just because they like being near you, and its a warm nice place to perch.

You can get your family to like you by being nice to them.

be nice not a freak either ur being a weirdo or she's being mean and just doesnt like u. If the second one's the case then just be nice, she'll probably end up liking u in the future

just be nice, if you talk nice to her, act nice to her, she might start to like you

It depends how much they do it. If they do it a lot they are most likely flirting, but if they do it once in a while they are most likely just being nice.

I think just being nice to him and being friends would be good. Unless if you like him- or even better, both of you like each other.

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