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If she stops converstations when you are around or giggles a lot there is a good chance she likes you, the best thing you can do now is try to be her friend the truth's got to come out sooner or later. Good luck!

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Q: Does she like you or is she just being nice?
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Does he like me or just being nice?


Does he like you or is he just being nice?

Well if he is flirting with you then he likes you.

If a boy compliments you then ignores you does he like you or is he just being nice?

Well i would suppose its all based on the comment if its just causal then he is being nice . If its more of a hey you look nice in that dress you're wearing , then chances are he might like you. Then if he ignores you for more than a day, he isn't interested, but before he was being nice.

Does she like you if she asks how you are?

Maybe she's just being nice.... Or you're in the friend zone

How can you make a girl like you more?

keep being nice 2 her you should just be yourself

Does koji like Zoe?

koji never liked zoe....he is just being a nice friend to her

Does a person like you if they always sit next to you and smile at you?

No they are probably just being nice or friendly

If a guy takes a girls flute for her does he like her?

I guess he could. Or he's just being nice.

Does he like me or is he just being nice?

Chances are that he likes ya.. i know because i used to do that too...

My ex is being rude but I still like her what do I do?

just be nice and tell her the truth that she is being rude and she might understand and stop being rude

When you know that you like a boy but he does not like you back how do you get him to like you?

Just try being their friend and be super nice. they might change their mind about you...

If a guy you like is being really nice to you but suddenly becomes really nice to your less attractive friend does that mean he likes your friend or is he just being nice to your friend to get to you?

yae hes a metallica loving boy with a band

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