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Does shona mcgarty have a boyfriend?

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Shona McGarty is dating Matt Lapinskas

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What is the birth name of Shona McGarty?

Shona McGarty's birth name is Shona Bernadette McGarty.

When was Shona McGarty born?

Shona McGarty was born on October 14, 1991.

How old is Shona McGarty?

Shona McGarty is 19 years old (birthdate: October 14, 1991).

Has shona mcgarty got a boyfriend?

Shona McGarty dated one of her cast mate Ashley Kumar. She formally dated another cast member Matt Lapinskas who was previously an actor on EastEnders. She's now currently single.

Is Shona McGarty pregnant?

No she is not pregnant.

Is Shona McGarty a traveler?


Who plays whitney in eastenders?

Shona McGarty

What is whitneys real name?

Shona McGarty.

What is Shona McGarty's birthday?

Shona McGarty was born on October 14, 1991.

Did shona mcgarty have a small role in Harry Potter?


Is shona mcgarty from eastenders dating anyone?

No she's single.

Is shona mcgarty an actress in shank?

No, she has only appeared in EastEnders.

Is Shona McGarty dating Thomas Law in real life?


Where can you find images of shona mcgarty in her bikini?

On the Internet ha

Whitney off east enders real name?

Shona McGarty.

Is the the actress in the Benefit adverts the actress who plays Whitney in EastEnders?

Shona McGarty

What is Whitney dean from Eastenders real name?

Shona McGarty (not sure about the spelling)

Does shona mcgarty live in the London area?

She is not from london but infact from the hertfordshire area.

Who plays Whitney Dean in EastEnders?

Whitney Dean is played By Shona McGarty

How do you contact shona McGarty?

Easy search up her email and text her and I'm sure she will text u back.

What is Matt Lapinskas' sexual orientation?

Matt Lapinskas is dating Shona McGarty, who plays Whitney Dean in Eastenders.

How old is Whitney Dean?

The character Whitney Dean in EastEnders is 20 years old. The actress, Shona McGarty, is 21 years old.

What actors and actresses appeared in What Goes Around - 2007?

The cast of What Goes Around - 2007 includes: Josef Altin as Cola Susan Ateh as Clarice Jesse Fajemisin as Tashan Janet Hargreaves as Judi Joshua Hayles as Josh Gareth Hinsley as Vince Shona McGarty as Shona

What is the birth name of Shona de Bradeny?

Shona de Bradeny's birth name is Shona Andrews.

Is there a place called shona?

No, there is no place called Shona