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Yes, it can itch. But a uncomfortable itch or persistent itch may be an alarm bell and should be seen by your doctor.

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Does Skin Cancer ItchCom?

Skin Cancer Will Itch if exposed to Sun Light

When a mole hurts when you itch it does that mean you have cancer?

There are many types of skin cancer - some itch, some don't.If you have a mole which causes irritation, it would be a good idea to get it checked out, just in case.

How do you treat skin itch?

itch it

What is itch?

An itch is where your skin is red and starts infecting it .

Why do you itch when you are warm?

than shouldnt happen it could be a case of AIDs or Skin cancer You should get it checked with your GP immediately

Why does your skin cancer itch and hurt?

All because when you have a skin dease like Michael Jackson has but it itches because it hurts alot and its just so discusting to have a dease like that...

Do ears itch?

yes any part of skin on the body can itch

Does ones skin itch before contracting vitiligo?

In my case, yes. I can tell it's spreading when my skin starts to itch.

How do you get an itch?

One of the ways you can get an "itch", is by having dry skin. Lots of lotion(;

Why do stitces always itch?

Stitches itch because its touchin ur skin

Do you have to have a mole to get skin cancer?

you have to have skin to get skin cancer

What causes skin to itch in cold weather?

Dry skin

Does dead skin itch?


Why does your sweat make you itch?

Your sweat makes you itch as the particles stick to your skin, this creates a bubble in which the gas makes you itch

What is the nature of skin cancer?

The nature of skin cancer is that Skin cancer occurs when the skin is overexposed to the sun or ultraviolet rays which damages the skin cells and causes skin cancer. The most common and dangerous skin cancer would have to be Melanoma.

What causes skin around stomach to itch?

There are several different possible reasons for the skin around the stomach (or elsewhere) to itch. There are a variety of itchy parasites such as scabies, ticks, or lice, which cause itching. There are other biting insects such as bedbugs which can cause itching. Your skin can be excessively dry, and itch. You could have any number of skin diseases such as psoriasis. Skin that is healing from an injury will at some point itch.

Is it bad to itch yourself when you have jock itch?

Yes I Have A Skin Condition And I Itched It Alot It Got Worse But i dont itch it anymore

Will you get skin cancer if you draw on your skin?

No, drawing on your skin does not cause cancer.

You have small bumps that itch on your skin?


Can you get cancer by burning skin?

You can get skin cancer and wrinkles.

What is the dependent variable of skin cancer?

the temp.intering into your skin and starts the skin cancer

Red circle mark with scale skin on top does not itch?

Skin leission

Does lice make your head itch?

It depends. It could or couldn't make your head itch. If your skin is sensitive it probably will. If your skin is not very sensitive it probably wont.

What are the Lumps on the back of the neck that itch?

moast probaly a heat-spot which will itch like CRAZY but dont itch it cuz it will bleed and still itch the only cure is to hold a ice cube on it or its cancer

The skin around my penis itches and it's not an std what is it and why does it itch?

maybe it is jock itch or heat rash