Integumentary System (skin)

Does skin contain many kinds of tissue?


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Yes, skin is an organ, so it contains different types of tissue working together to perform a function.

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Skin is supplied with nervous tissue. That is why you feel the various types of sensations from the skin.

No muscle and skin are two different kinds of tissue.

The skin is actually formed from two kinds of tissue. The epidermis is constructed from stratified squamous epithelium and the dermis is made up of dense connective tissue.


Many cells come together to form tissue. For example, skin cells are all next to eachother and form skin tissue.

skin tissue skin tissue

Epithelial tissue and below the skin is Connective tissueEpithelial Tissuemany. generally the outermost layer is stratified squamous epithelium.epithelial

Adipose tissue is deep to the skin; skin is superficial to adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is fat.

Skin is an organ. It is not a tissue or tissue type.

CNSbonesuperficial layer of the skinendomysium of the muscleseye

Connective Tissue is the tissue that connects the skin to the muscle.

Skin is not a tissue, it is an organ. It is the largest organ in the body in fact. When we speak of skin tissue we're actually referring to the multiple layers of ectodermal tissue that constitute skin.

Platelets or thrombocytes. Platelets are only parts of cells and are used for skin/tissue repair.

Connective tissue of the skin is developed from?

No, the skin is non-haematopoietic tissue.

Epidermis is what your skin tissue is called.

There are six different kinds of sensory receptors in the skin.

Multicellular organisms have many specialized types of tissue, skin being one of those.

The skin is actually made of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The outer epidermis has five layers; the stratum germinativum, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, and stratum corneum.

The tissue that makes up most of your skin is Epithelial tissue.

The tissue underneath the skin is the adipose tissue, there to protect organs and insulate the body.

Connective tissue is in the Dermis which is the secons layer of skin.

Adipose tissue (fat) is the tissue that is attached to skin. Itâ??s found beneath the skin and around internal organs.

It depends what type of skin cancer you are talking about. There are many different kinds.

An animal's skin is keratinized epidermal tissue

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