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Sleep does not directly make your hair grow faster. Sleep allows you to rest and de-stress causing your hair to grow faster.

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nothing makes hair grow faster

no i don't think braiding your hair makes it grow faster i know mine grows the same no matter what

Eating lots of protein makes hair grow faster and makes it healthier and stronger. The reason for this is that hair is made of protein.

It does because it makes your hair look better as well. Protein will help your hair grow faster also.

i dont know what herb makes hair grow longer but i did hear the coconut oil makes hair grow 2x fast!

lol well my aunt uses it and it grows a little bit faster but coconut oil does make hair grow faster and makes it shinier

No that is not true. What is true is that when you wash your hair it is best to rub your scalp and get the soap in your scalp. That is what makes hair grow faster.

Yes, your hair does grow faster while you are sleeping. This is because sleep is necessary to maintain your body. When you're at rest, your body has time to recuperate.

Maine && taill. :) it works,

To grow your hair longer and faster is to have plenty of sleep. Furthermore, you have to eat plenty of ice cream, cheese, and/or yogurt. The dairy in the products will stimulate hair cells, which would most likely grow your hair faster. However, don't eat to much, otherwise your hair will grow at normal pace from to much dairy.

Hair will grow faster if you trim the ends.

fish oil helps it grow faster, but it also makes your hair everywhere else grow

Yes it is for hair. makes hair more healthier but it does not help hair grow faster.

Try shampoo you can find at petco. its for horses and it makes your hair grow faster and thicker

A hint to grow hair faster is to wash it less, it is an old trick as shampoo and conditioners make hair grow slower. Eat a lot of protein and sleep.

Because hot air makes heat and makes you hair darker , so cool and cold air makes your hair cooler and grow fast to get you warm for next winter

because hair has more oil than them and oil makes hair grow faster

No...layering the hair does not make it grow faster. Nothing, as far as styling, cutting etc makes the hair grow faster. If you are trying to let your hair grow out of a certain cut, say for instance, you want to top and back to grow out, you should cut the front more often and vice versa. This will give the hair that is shorter the "chance" to catch up the to the longer hair.

Their is no scientifically proven way to make your hair grow faster.

Sleep. It won't actually help the hair grow faster, you're stuck with that. But it will help pass the time.

Actually it does and it makes your hair super shiny and smooth. I love it

It is good for the hair but may not make it thicker it may be healthy.

Some people believe so but what makes hair grow fast and healthy is frequent (meaning every month or two) trims. You can also ask your hairdresser what they think will make your hair grow faster, they do have tons of hair knowledge.

Heads and shoulders and pantene PRO-V

Mane 'n Tail shampoo & conditioner.

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