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Q: Does sleeping upside down adversely affect breast size?
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Does sleeping upside down affect heart?

no it effects your blood because if you sleep upside down blood comes down to your brain.

Do turkeys sleep upside down?

No. If you see any turkeys hanging upside down, and quite still, they are probably not sleeping.

What does it mean if the breast cancer ribbon is upside down?

When younger people get brest cancer. They want to have the ribbon upside down. Sounds good to me.

Do seahorses sleep upside down?

Yes, I own four Dwarf Seahorses, and they tend to lay downwards, and even upside down. They do look like they are sleeping.

Does holding a fish upside down affect the fish?

yes it can affect the fish because if you holed the fish upside down you can cause it not to breathe because all of the water is out of its system

why hasnt my fish moved and why is upside down?

he died

What are sleeping habits of bats?

Bats sleep upside down because their wings aren't really strong enough to launch them into the air from the ground.

Where can you find the trickmaster in kingdomhearts1?

He's in the room with the sleeping dorknob, and you find him after Alice vanishes and you go into the upside down room and turn on the lights. Hope I helped!

What are learned and inherited behaviors of bats?

flying and sleeping upside down during day(nocturnal) are in genes or instinct while hunting and finding food is learned.

Does the surface area of leaves on a plant affect the degree of the stem when grown upside down?

yes because it turns stiff

Do koala bears sleep upside down?

To begin with, koalas are not bears. Secondly: no, they do not sleep upside down. They have specific structural adaptations for trees, which do not include any method of sleeping upside down, as they do not have tails. Koalas have sharp claws with opposable thumbs. This gives them extra grip for staying in trees. They also have thick padding on their bottom which helps them to sit comfortably in trees.

What does upside mean?

The upside is ;the good thing about it .

Do flies see upside down when they walk upside down?

They do not see upside down when they walk upside down because their eyes are made to not be like that. XD

Do bats fly upside down?

No, they sleep upside down and have terrible eyesight but do not fly upside down.

What sports are upside down?

Gymnastics is kind of an upside down sport because the handstand you do it upside down and that's the only sport you do upside down flips and etc...

If a bat spends more time upside down than not upside down and it sleeps upside down are it's dreams also upside down?

Dude are you serious? And probably not

Is Uranus an upside down planet?

It is not upside down. It is on its side.

What does upside down v upside down v mean?

Answer it

How old are 'Upside' UGG boots?


Do kangaroos sleep upside down?

No they do not sleep upside down.

Can chickens lay eggs upside down?

Sounds highly unlikely. But did you mean 'the chicken upside down', or 'the egg upside down'?

What is another word for upside down?

A synonym for upside down is inverted.

Who sang upside down?

"Upside Down" is a song by Diana Ross.

Which animal sleeps upside down?

A oppossum sleeps upside down.

What is Hurry in Spanish?

(Upside down !) Vaminos! (Upside down !) Rapidemente!