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yes there is a general manager mode including the legends and ECW


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Hornswoggle is not unlockable in any svr games. He's only available as a manager.

No. In the PSP. Smackdown vs raw doesn't had a superstar threads.

How do you download Jeff Hardy's tribute on smackdown vs raw 2007 psp? How do you download Jeff Hardy's tribute on smackdown vs raw 2007 psp?

Yes, the game is available on PSP.

Yes there is Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 for psp!

yes there is but you cannot veiw player growth for some reason

go to google and type cheat codes for raw vs. smackdown 2008 on psp

No, there is no scenario mode in Tekken 6 for psp

Go to universe mode > My > Teams > press square (PS3, PSP and PS2) / X (Xbox 360) on your team.

You need the PSP Game downloaded to your PS3 or you need the PSP game

Yes there will be an arena mode feature for fifa 10 on the psp. Also there will be a be a pro country mode.Your Welcome.

it is always a 2 player mode. if you use PSP, play on the network mode with a friend with PSP.

Championship Manager - PSP - was created on 2005-12-09.

Yes it does have a my player mode.

you can not on smackdown vs raw 2011 you might be able to

what button on PSP skips the initial setup

I can only answer for psp and ps2

you can not download it you have to buy it

NO. At the moment PSP Media Manager (now MediaGO) is only available for Windows users.

USB mode is when you connect the PSP to a PC by a USB cable. It lets you transfer files across, or charge the PSP.

The PSP Street doesn't have a wlan mode, it completely lacks any wi-fi capabilities.

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