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Does soap need to lather for optimum use?

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Not necessarily. Soap and other cleaning agents are all part of a group of chemicals called "surfactants", which significantly reduces water surface tension, allowing the water to dissolve grease and many other unwanted substances. The surfactants act the same whether lather is produced or not.

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How do you find real lather?

Do you mean real leather? Real leather comes from animal hides. Real lather is what they use in a barber shop to give you a shave. That comes from soap.

How is hard water different from soft water?

soft water:1. makes lather with soap faster.2. use a lot of water.hard water:1. makes lather with soap in very less amount.2. soap is wasted.3. chlorides, sulphates and bicarbonates of Ca and Mg are responsible.

How do you shave your genitals and not break out?

Use tons and tons of mild mild soap or lather first, use a fresh, clean sharp razor blade, and use powder afterward

Can you deworm and treat a pregnant dog for fleas?

Yes. Use Dawn dish soap and lather her in it and let her soak for 10 minutes. the soap will not harm her and it smothers the fleas. So no harsh chemical for the puppies.

Do you use lather with the Braun Pulsonic 9595 Dry Shaver?

No, it is designed to shaved without the use of lather.

How do you use the word lather in a sentence?

Please lather up the horse, then rinse her off.

Do you need a router for optimum wifi?

No, the optimum wifi itself runs from a router. If you'd like to use optimum wifi you'll need either a wireless card (for laptops) or a Wireless LAN like Linksys (for PC).

Why do you use soap for bathing?

To clean off dirt better and to smell better. When you lather up soap on your body it picks up dirt and dead skin, breaks down oils and cleanses sweat from the body. Water alone can't do this.

Can you use anti-bacterial soap to clean your naval piercing?

Yes you can, check therelated links below this answer for more detailed aftercare information. When using antibacterial soap be sure you use the liquid soap and dilute it with water as you lather it up, we want a nice runny lather so it is easier to rinse out of the piercing. Allow it to stay on the piercing and jewellery for a few moments then rinse the piercing with lots of running water while moving the jewellery to rinse the soap out of the piercing. This has been used by my clients with great success over the last 15 years with no issues. Happy Piercings

Why is washing up liquid so thick?

Hand soap is thick so that it will lather up when you use it. The ingredients will also usually have an antibacterial ingredient in it to kill germs when you wash your hand.

Would the earth have soap if plants did not exist?

No, the earth would not have soap if plants did not exist. I believe this because soap plants (of the genus Chlorogalum) are essential to our making of soap. We use these plants to make all kinds of soap, by using the sap of these plants. However because this does not complete the question, I will explain further. Plants are the only way that the compound 'saponin' exists. Saponin forms the bubbly lather.

How can you stop underarms from burning?

This might not be a certain solution, but believe me, worth a try. Buy and use "baby soap" during your regular shower rise completely like usual. Before you are dry lather more soap in your hands and cover said area.

What cleans better liquid soap or bar soap?

Soap is soap. Both lather so they get where you need if you use it right! Some have added antimicrobial agents, others moisturizesrs but all come solid or liquid. One problem with solid bars? Sometimes you have to clean the bar before using it. One problem with liquid dispensers? Sometimes you don't know you should have cleaned it before using it!

Why do soap manufacturers use sodium hydroxide not ammonia?

well the theorem is that you must use problematic words such as these to get the right answer. Also it may or may not be because sodium hydroxide react faster than ammonia to produce lather

Use optimum in a sentence?

For optimum results follow directions.

Do I need to use a special laundry soap with a front loading washing machine?

No a front loading washing machine does not need special laundry soap to function.

What are dishwashing soaps?

soap you use to wash youre dishes when you need to

Can you wash your ducklings with joy dish soap?

No you need to use Dawn.

What kind of soap do you use to wash tumbled rocks?

You don't really need soap at all, but a squirt of any dish washing liquid soap won't hurt.

How do you make foam soap?

You can use regular liquid soap & water to make foaming soap. You want the mixture to be about 20-30% soap, and 70-80% water. (I've read different suggestions on how much soap you should use.) I've also read you should probably not use moisturizing soap - it can clog the pump. You'll need one of those foaming soap pumps in order to make the soap foam, but you could certainly use an old one after rinsing it out.

What can you use to bathe a guinea pig can you use dish soap?

No! you can NOT use dish soap! They do need bathes, but they have their own soap to use. every few months they need one. Be sure to dry them, If they're not thoroughly dried they may catch a cold and die. Otherwise, stick it in very shallow warm water and wash with kitten shampoo.

Can you make your own shampoo at home?

You can purchase shampoo base (glycol) or use Castile soap flakes. If you use castile soap, just disolve the flakes in boiling water, add essential oils (you can buy these at a health or beauty store). That's pretty much it. Since this is not a commercial product that includes sudsing agents it won't lather up like they do.

I need a bar graph on which soap is better. Liquid or bar soap?

liquid soap is better because who wants to use someone old nasty bar soap with all of that sick sweat for other people not me

When washing a acid splash to the arm do you use soap and water or just water?

Wash the acid with water only, no soap is required. Acids are water soluble, and do not need soap to dissolve them.

Which soap kareena Kapoor use?

Apoor who soap use