Water Pollution

Does soap water create pollution?

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yes water create noise pollution

We dump oil, garbage, paint, toxic chemicals, gasoline and soap from washing cars in the water. This is the cause of water pollution.

the wastes of industry are directly thrown to the river and cause a huge amount of water pollution.

Soap scum is calcium soap of fatty acids. It is the result of soap in hard water-- the fatty acids in soap bond with the calcium ions in hard water and create an insoluble compound.

air pollution can harm humans by the leathel toxens in it it can also kill animals and create water pollution

thermal pollution are caused by addition of excess of undisarable heat to the water and domestic pollution are caused by any house used detergent,soap etc are produced heat by use of water

The first person who mixed soap, water, and an tool that allowed for an unknown individual to create the first purported soap bubble.

Synthetic detergent and normal soap both act differently in hard water and soft water. Soap causes much less pollution to the environment. Synthetic detergent works better in tough situations such as hard water and soft water conditions.

Fertilizers and the dust off of fields can accumulate in water and create muddy, murky water.

A water-powered factory did not create pollution and could only operate near water, but a steam-powered factory did create pollution and could operate anywhere on land

You can put the soap cut with a little water into a foam soap dispenser. If you are talking about making a foamier bar soap milk, honey, or coconut oil can create foamier ones.

Wool, soap, hot water and pressure :)

Suds refer to the bubbles that are formed on top of water, which contains soap. Water that has been infused with soap or any other similar synthetic detergent can create suds.

To create better or safer pesticides and herbicides.

Yes. Water pollution is pollution because it pollutes the water.

of course they do! humans are animals too, and they create a lot of pollution also.

When fossil fuels are burned or used, it releases toxins into the air. This can cause water pollution because those toxins are evaporated and are present in rain, which falls into water sources.

The pollution caused by domestic waste like detergents, soap,solid waste etc are called domestic pollution

Uranium is a toxic and radioactive element; pollution of soils, water, vegetation is possible. Also important is the pollution with radium and radon, decay chain products of uranium.

pollution leaks out into the water and makes water pollution

The soap attaches to, envelopes, the minerals in the water and so then it takes ALOT more soap to create suds, or in particular, a cleansing affect. The use of surfectants (water-softening agents) enables you to use less soap with normal tap water. While people think soft water makes it harder to wash off the soap, actually it is the opposite. The best cleaner in the world is "clean water", mineral free water, and it will rinse your clothes, dishes, skin, etc. soap free.

To some extent it is. Shampoo contains phosphates and these get into the water table and may create pollution in the water systems.

Well obviously because it's pollution to the water

if the water is polluted then the fish will die, which will lead to poverty and job loss for other people. this wil also create crime and other social problemsWater pollution affects fish, and anything that eats it. It also affects fish reproduction and poisons people.the disadvantages of water pollution is

Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water.

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