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Does sonic adventure DX on PC have a virus?


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No it does not have a virus because it comes from a safe company so it has no virus


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I don't think so. If you have a PC version of Sonic Adventure DX, you can hack it.

Yes It is a mod of sonic adventure dx on pc

It´s original for Dreamcast. But there was a remaka called Sonic Adventure DX for GameCube and PC.

Save files contain your saved game progress information. you can download sonic adventure DX director's cut PC full version 100% complete save file here from my blog go to this link:

If you downloaded it legally, no. If you have a virus, please scan your PC with a reputable Anti-virus program ASAP hope that helps :-) (another answer by someone else): from my blog:

Yes, Sonic CD, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Sonic Gems, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Riders are all playable on PC.

Ok it depends on which version of Sonic Adventure DX your looking to hack. for the PC version go to at the website there is a links section with video tutorials and there is another section called how to use skins.

you just put a chao in your tiny chao garden on your sonic advance game on gba then go to the other game and pick up the chao from your tiny chao garden.

No, Not officcially.But There is a Neo Metal Sonic Hack On Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut For The Pc.

If you have beaten all the missions on Sonic Adventure DX all of the missions become replayable whenever you enter Mission mode. This is most likely happening to you.

Sonic Adventure 2 will be released on PC via Steam later this year.

No Sonic Adventure is for Dreamcast, Gamecube, and PC.

you can use sadx memoty editor or Fusion's SADX PC Chao editor(recommended)

you need a program called PVMEdit then go to your sonic adventure dx folder then go to system then get SONIC.PVM copy it to PVMEdit then open PVMEdit and click on open then choose SONIC.PVM then do whatever u want then click on save a message will come click on no then change the other SONIC.PVM to any other name then copy the other PVM in the PVMEdit folder to the sonic adventure dx folder in system

Sonic Adventure did come out for the Sega Dreamcast in 1998.It was rereleased as Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cutfor the Nintendo GameCube in 2003, and later for the PC. It included new features like Mission Mode and Game Gear games.It was rereleased for the XBox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2010 as Sonic Adventure, and the Director's Cut features were released as a DLC.

That is only possible by editing it with a program. You can only obtain this Chao in "Sonic Adventure DX PC". There is a editing program, simply change it to a Knuckles Chao.

yes, but if you the PC sonic generations.


You can search on the internet to find cursors. OR With Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut, on the first disc on the PC version of the game, on the special section there was the option to choose from a selection of Sonic characters from the game to be your mouse cursor.

whats the password of sonic adventure 2 battle on pc setup

The only way to get a gold Chao is to find (or buy) a gold Chao egg. You can find one somewhere in Sonic Adventure DX for GameCube or PC. You can, however, buy one in Sonic Advanceand Sonic Advance 2 for Game Boy.

No.But you can use a dreamcast emulator and download any ROM of sonic adventure 2.

Get a Gameshark or an Action Replay and hack it via codes. if you are playing the PC version get sadx memory editor if you are on the gamecube version i can't help you

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