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yes and it travels faster than liquid and gas

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Sound can travel through what?

sound can travel through air liquids and solids

What solids can sound travel through?

All solids.

How sound waves can travel only in the air?

Sound waves can travel through gases (air), liquids, and solids. Sound waves travel fastest through solids.

Can sound travel through solids?


Can sound travel through solids and liquids?

Yes, sound can travel through most mediums including solids and liquids. However, it cannot travel through a vacuum.

Does sound travel through solids or gases faster?

Sound travels faster through solids because, molecules in solids are much closer together so this allows sound waves to travel faster.

Does sound travel best through solids liquids or gases?


Do sound waves travel faster through gases or solids?


How can sound travel through melted chocolate?

through solids

Does sound travel the fastest through glass?

No, but sound can travel at 4,540 m/sNo, sound travels fastest through solids.

Do sound waves trave their fastest in solids?

Yes. Sound waves travel fastest through solids.

What does sound energy travel the fastest through?


Sound waves travel faster through what?


What material does sound travel fast through?


What is a medium sound can travel through?

Fluids and solids

What do sound waves travel farther through?


What materials will sound travel through?

Sound waves will travel through gases, liquids, and solids. Sound waves cannot pass through a vacuum.

Sound travels through the air or water or solids by?

sound can travel in all three media(solids liquid and gas)and travels fastest through solids.

How do sound waves travel through solids?

they vibrate through the solid

Why doesn't sound travel on the Moon?

Sound does not travel on the moon because there are no air molecules for the sound to travel through. Sound only can travel if there's a medium for it to travel through, like air molecules, a liquid, or solids. Sound travels through vibrations. If there is nothing for sound to travel through, the sound can travel.

In What does sound travel the fastest solids gases liquids?

Sound will travel fastest through gases because the molecules are a lot more spaced apart, it will travel slowly through liquids and hardly at all through solids.

Can sound travel through water?

Yes, sound travels through solids, liquids, and gases.

When does sound travel the fastest?

Through hot dense solids.

Waves travel faster through liquids and solids?


Does sound travel faster through air or a soild?

In solids

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