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Q: Does sound waves sound louder 40 feet above the source?
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What is sound louder than?

Amplitude is a measure of the size of sound waves. It depends on the amount of energy that started the waves. Greater amplitude waves have more energy and greater intensity, so they sound louder. As sound waves travel farther from their source, the more spread out their energy becomes.

Why does resonance make sound louder?

Because the constructive interference of the sound waves.

What property of the sound waves changed to produce the louder volume?

Well, the sound waves get bigger due to increase in volume, but the pitch does not changes, the waves themselves in real life get louder and therefore harder to absorb

What will you hear if two sound waves interfere constructively?


How does the constructive interference make the orchestra louder?

because the sound waves combine to make a bigger louder wave

What are the differences of sound and water waves in terms of source?

Sound and water waves differ in one main way in terms of source, although they are very alike. Sound waves are generated by a verifiable sound source, such as vibration.

What makes sound loud?

it depends how much energy is used making the sound the more energy the louder because sound waves are transverse waves and waves are a reapeating disturbance of energy

What is the energy source for sound waves?

That varies, depending on what causes the sound waves.

When does the Doppler effect happen?

The doppler effect happens when the source of a sound is moving. When it is moving towards you, it sounds louder and can have a different pitch and when the source is moving away, its a quieter more "far-off" sound. This is because when the source is moving, the sound waves are getting compressed in front of it due to relative velocity. Once the sound wave is made, it's speed is independent of its source. This is also how a sonic boom happens. At super sonic speeds, the sound barrier is broken which is the build up of all the sound waves created.

What is the source of energy for a sound wave?

The source of energy for sound waves are vibrations.

What is a source of energy for a sound wave?

The source of energy for sound waves are vibrations.

How are sound waves unique?

Sound waves move away from the source of energy, but other sorts of waves move perpendicular (at a right angle) to the energy source