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Yes, unless you are talking about in your vagina. Sperm dies after a few seconds out in the open. If you are asking about sperm that may have reached an awkward location, like a towel, clothing, a bed, or a plastic chair, then don't worry, you are not going to impregnate anyone. On the other hand, if it is in a vagina, the damage is done.

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Q: Does sperm die if it is washed with soap and rubbing alcohol and a disinfectant?
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If sperm is on your hand and you wash it can it be trased for DNA purpose?

Yes the DNA can be erased if the hands are washed thoroughly with soap and a good strong disinfectant.

Does the sperm dies when it is washed with water and soap?

Is sperm is washed away with soap and water, it will die. This is because the fluid that the sperm need to survive will be washed away.

What happens if the sperm that comes out is not washed?

It depends on the form of sperm your talking about.

Can sperm be used as a disinfectant?

No. If so, they would be detrmental to the human body.

What in a disinfectant kills bacteria?

It depends on the kind of disenfectant, some use alcohol, some use ammonia, silver nitrate or other silver compounds or even soaps, acids or sperm

Can you get pregnant from wearing your boyfriends underwear that had sperm in them but has been washed?

If the sperm is fresh yes. If the sperm is old no.

Can sperm be washed off of clothing?


Can you kill sperm by rubbing your hand on your jeans?


Can alcohol damage male sperm?

If you put alcohol directly on sperm it will die.

What type of alcohol increase sperm?

None the alcohol doesn't increase sperm but my reduce it

Can a girl get pregnant by getting fingered if the guy got some pre-ejaculate on his finger but he used rubbing alcohol on it would that kill the sperm?

No she could not get pregnant.

Does sperm die if it is washed off hands?


Can rubbing alcohol kill sperm?

Absolutely - but don't try to use it as a contraceptive. It's too voltile (evaporates too quickly) and isn;t good for the mucous membranes.

Can a virgin get pregnant if sperm washed out after one minute?


If you washed the bathtub which had sperm and you bathed in water would you get pregnant?


Will rubbing sperm on my breasts make them bigger?

No, definitely not hahah

Does alcohol make a mans sperm count lower then others?

Alcohol can lower sperm count, but it is very slight.

Sperms will come out at the end of the intercourse or in between rubbing inside women?

sperm will come out when you attain orgasam that is at the end of the i course rubbing inside woman is the stimulation which make you to pushout sperm it is involuntary

Can sperm be under nails if you washed you hands?

As far as ive read no

How do you deliver sperm?

Men: boy deliver sperm by rubbing their penis up and down or a while (masturbating) and after a matter of time he will deliver sperm out of his penis

Will a women get pregnant if there is a sperm in your fingers then wipe it on women's skin or it is dry and washed it with water before putting it in the vagina?

No. She can only get pregnant if it ends up inside her, not on her skin. And you washed it off and no sperm survives that.

How alcohol affects sperm?

Alcohol can lead to a variety of problems in the reproductive system of the male.Men continuously make sperm throughout their lives.It has been shown that alcohol consumed by the male can enter the testicles via the bloodstream. Alcohol then seems to mutate some of the characteristics of his sperm.

Does drinking alcohol effect your sperm?

Yes. It lowers sperm production rate.

Is it possible for you to still have sperm on your hand if you washed it with water after giving a handjob?


Can you get pregnant from rubbing your privates?

You can only get pregnant if semen/sperm have entered your vagina.