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Yes, it helps if it's shot (or ejaculated) into you. Then it's got a better chance of getting started on its climb. If a bit of semen and sperm lands on the outside of the vagina it's very difficult for a sperm to make it all the way up to the egg.

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Can you get pregnant from one shot of semen?

Yes it is possible, only one sperm is enough to get pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant when only most of the sperm gets in you?

Yes - it only takes one sperm to get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if your on the shot and had sperm in you 3 times?

If you are on the depo shot, you will not get pregnant unless taking antibiotic. I've been on it for over a year now and have sex on a daily basis with no protection. Now if you had the sperm in you THEN got the shot it is possible, but your doctor should have given you a pregnancy test before ever giving you the shot! Hope that helps!

Can you get pregnant if only the first shot of semen was in the vagina?

Yes. You can become pregnant if you are ovulating. Sperm lives for 72 hours and when men ejaculate, it only takes one sperm to make it too the egg. It does not matter if it was the first "shot" or the tip of the penis entering. Live semen is live semen, and if he is not shooting blanks, get checked.

Can you teen girl get pregnant by one drop of sperm?

Yes, a teen girl can get pregnant by one drop of sperm. That is if she has already had her period before.

Do you need all sperm for pregnant or low or high sperm count?

No, just one sperm will do the job of getting her pregnant. However the more sperms the better your chances of her getting pregnant.

Can one get pregnant by sharing a towel?

Not a chance! The sperm has to make it all the way up to the ovaries. It needs a good shot of semen to give it a start.

If sperm is on the vagina can you get pregnant?

Yes, there is always a risk of pregnany if sperm is close to the vagina, sperm can swim and it only takes one sperm to fuse with an egg to become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if a drop of sperm rubs in the middle of the vagina?

Oh yes all it takes is one sperm to make you pregnant.

Can a man with one testicle make a woman pregnant?

Yes. A man with one testicle can make a woman pregnant. One testicle still produces thousands of sperm. It takes one sperm to make a woman pregnant.

How much sperm is neeeded to become pregeant?

Technically one sperm cell can get you pregnant, but it is unlikely with one.

You put sperm on your fingers and you put it up your vagina are you pregnant?

Putting sperm into the vagina doesn't mean that you are pregnant, but it could lead to pregnancy.Easy concept: ONE SPERM + ONE EGG = PREGNANT. It doesn't matter where the sperm was before it reaches the egg if the sperm and egg are both viable.If you think that you might be pregnant, don't wait. Contact a heath care professional.

There was sperm left over in his penis and could it possibly have gotten you pregnant?

Yes all it takes to get you pregnant is one sperm, that gets into your vagina and sperm are fast swimmers.

Can you get pregnant when the man spread a little sperm cell?

Yes you can, it might be harder to get pregnant but it only takes one little sperm

Can a women get pregnant with the sperm in her butt?

NO! a woman can NOT get pregnant with sperm in her butt. the sperm MUST be in the Vagina in order to get pregnant. the only way that she can possibly get pregnant from sperm in her butt is if some of the sperm gets in her Vagina.

Can you get pregnant with only one nut?

If hes one testicle he can still get you pregnant. There's sperm in that one too.

When will a girl become pregnant?

Women become pregnant when a sperm fertilizes one of her eggs.

How smerm does it take to get a girl pregnant?

It takes one sperm cell to get a girl pregnant

How does a man pregnant a woman?

One of his sperm fertilizes one of her eggs

If he pulls out before he comes can you still get pregnant?

Yes you can as his precum contains sperm and it only takes one sperm to get pregnant. So don't risk it if you don't want to get pregnant.

If semen is liquid when it enters you could you get pregnant?

You will not get pregnant from semen. However semen generally contains sperm cells by the millions. All you need is one sperm cell to get you pregnant.

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