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There is no such thing as "SR22 Insurance". What is referred to as such is actually just Auto Insurance with an SR22 filing. Any liability Auto Insurance Policy or even a Full Coverage Auto Insurance Policy can have an SR22 Endorsement attached to it.

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Q: Does sr22 insurance take the place of liability car insurance?
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What companies provide business liability insurance?

Nationwide does offer general liability insurance as well as business liability insurance. Geico and many other insurance companies also offer liability insurance, it just might take a bit of sifting through to make sure they have what is needed.

How long does it take to for sr22 insurance to show up at the DMV in South Carolina?

Electronic SR22 Filings will usually show up within 72 hours of entry. for Manual SR22 filings you should allow the state up to 10 business days from the date of receipt.

Do you need event liability insurance for a big wedding?

You do not need event liability insurance for a big wedding. However, if the event is outside, then you may want to consider it. You should take out the insurance if it will give you comfort.

Do you have to have a business name to take out general liability ins?

A business name is not required to obtain general liability insurance for your business. It is recommended that you incorporate your business to limit your liability.

What kind of Liability insurance is needed for owner builder construction project?

Very local answer from a former owner builder. I was advised to take out general public liability insurance, construction insurance and with all contractors who entered and worked on the site, I demanded they produce their own valid liability insurance documents. If I employed a labourer I needed work cover (compensation) insurance.

What is UM in car insurance?

UM stands for uninsured motorist. This type of coverage is used to take the place of the other parties insurance in paying for damage to your bodily injury and property damage expenses if the other party does not have insurance. You can purchase various amount of UM coverage just as you can for your liability insurance though most companies will not let you buy more UM coverage than you do for your liability coverage.

Is there a place in the US that you can go Skydiving at age 13?

There is no law against a minor skydiving, but very few "drop zone" owners will take the risk - their liability insurance would be endangered.

Can a wife take out a life insurance policy on her husband?

yes you can just go to a insurance place and take out insurance policy he will have to be there also,

Is a car consider liability?

yes because they take you from place to place and no because they sometimes break down

How long does it take to get comparison quotes from Professional Liability Insurance?

This will vary depending on which company you choose to obtain your quote for Professional Liability Insurance. You should be able to receive a comparison quote within 1 to 5 business days.

Do you need liability insurance on your workers if they are on the prime contractors equipment?

Workers safety is of utmost importance since the contractor's job sites are often dangerous places and even though precautions and care is taken, there are still accidents that take place and cause losses to the business. For protection against these losses and to prevent excessive costs, a contractor holds Contractors Liability Insurance. In many jurisdictions it is also a legal requirement to hold liability insurance for employees, regardless of the nature of the work they undertake.

Does a farm vehicle need insurance in Florida?

Farm Vehicles being operated on private property do not need liability Insurance. Only if you take the vehicle onto a public road, you will need the insurance required by law.

Is the lady that ran into the rear of your car responsible for my car if she did not have liability insurance?

Assuming the woman is at fault and caused the accident, she is certainly responsible for the damage caused. Whether or not a person has insurance has no impact on liability and they are still legally required to compensate you for the damage. If she refuses to pay outright, you will have to take her to court in order to recover. That's the frustrating part when people don't carry insurance. In most states, drivers are required by law to carry liability insurance, so it is likely she was driving illegally. Whether a person has liability insurance or not has nothing to do with whether or not they are responsible for the damage they caused to another vehicle. If the other person is the one that was found to be the one that caused the damage, then they are liable for the damage, whether they have liability insurance or not.

How much does riding insurance cost?

It is unclear what you mean by "riding insurance". However, the term is sometimes used in connection with liability insurance dealing with horse riding. In that context, it provides benefits to someone who is injured when riding a horse belonging to the person who took out the insurance. An example might be a horse owner who permits other parties, for a fee, to ride horses which he/she owns. The cost of any sort of liability insurance depends upon a variety of factors, and therefore is not uniform. These include: 1. The insurance company; 2. The location of the property (horse) as well as where the activity will take place, if different; 3. The amount of insurance benefit provided ("liability limits"); 4. The experience of the horse owner in operating this sort of business. There may be other factors as well.

Who is liable for a fall sustained in a parking lot of a condo?

It's possible that the condominium association carries liability insurance. You can make your claim with the board of directors of the association, who will take it up with their insurance carrier.

If I am wealthy, do I have to have MA car insurance, or can I take my chances and pay out of my own pocket if something happens?

You are required by law to carry at least liability insurance on your vehicle. The law applies to all residents.

Where can I buy insurance for a Quad?

To find insurance for you quad, take a look at This site allows you to compare insurance rates with many different companies. While buying this insurance make sure you choose one with liability, so that your family and guest are covered.

What are the types of insurance and the situations they cover?

Life insurance: When you want to provide for your family after you die; Renter's insurance: When your personal possessions are stolen from your apartment; Disability insurance: When you have to take a month off from work because of an injury or illness; Liability insurance: When you cause a car accident that injures other people.

Does liability insurance fullfill coverage law on any car owned even if its not listed on the card?

Liability Insurance on a personal policy does not cover all vehicles owned. It covers all vehicles listed on the policy. If your state requires you to have liability insurance cards for each vehicle then a card will be given to you for each listed vehicle. In Georgia the State requires that each insurance company electronically transmit to the State Department of Motor Vehicles issuance and cancellation of all vehicles for required insurance. The Officer can take the tag number and verify that it has insurance on it that day. It works much better that I thought it would.

Do you legally need boat insurance to take a boat out on the water?

Yes, you do legally need boat insurance in case you get into an accident. make sure you have the right amount of coverage to cover you for any liability and loss.

Does a homeowners insurance cover a tenant getting bitten by a brown recluse spider inside the home?

In general No. Insect bites are usually in the arena of a health insurance policy, not a property insurance policy. A property owner is not automatically liable for injury to a person simply because the injury or insect bite occurred on your property. To establish financial liability the injured person would have to show that the property owner was the direct or proximate cause of the sustained injury, either through action or inaction contrary to that which a prudent person would take. If you feel you may be liable for the insect bite, You should first check your policy and establish whether or not you purchased personal Liability coverage with your policy. If Liability coverage is in place. Report it to your company. Your insuance company will provide coverage for the cost of legal defense for you if necessary and would pay for any damage awarded against you up to your liability limits. Property insurance should never be construed to take the place of a health insurance policy.

Can you take out an insurance policy on your grandson with out his consent?

I can't think of a reason why not. If you want to pay someone to insure something (or someone) they should let you. I suppose it really depends on exactly what the insurance policy is (life insurance, auto insurance, some other general liability insurance). Check with the specific insurance company about the specific type of insurance for an exact answer.

Match each type of insurance with a situation in which that insurance would be useful.?

Life insurance: When you want to provide for your family after you die; Renter's insurance: When your personal possessions are stolen from your apartment; Disability insurance: When you have to take a month off from work because of an injury or illness; Liability insurance: When you cause a car accident that injures other people.

Liability in a sentence?

I can't take you with me because you're a social liability.

Can a staffing agency require you to carry your own liability insurance if they place you in a driving position for a company that already fully cover their vehicles?

Sure they can. If you don't like the requirements of the job then don't take that job. They are probably going to insist that you carry a limit if liability equal to their limit as well as the requirement to carry coverage. If you have an accident you will probably be sued and they will be sued as well. In order to protect their insurance coverage they will require you to have this coverage for an accident that is your fault.