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Chances are you will not lose weight because your body will try to preserve the body fat that you already have. weight loss in the begining, but when you start eating again your body tells it self to hold on to it more.

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Q: Does starving yourself cause weight loss or gain?
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Can starving yourself cause you to gain weight after you stop starving yourself?

Yes! Your brain sees the starving as an emergency. So, to "save your life", the brain commands your body to eat as much as possible. Then you gain weight.

Will you gain weight if you go from 250 calories a day to 500?

No. You are starving yourself with either of those two amounts.

How much weight will you loose in 10 days by starving yourself?

around 21 pounds, but then your body will have gone into starvation mode and you will gain the weight right back and then some.

How many pounds can you lose in a week by starving yourself?

Starving yourself to lose weight is never a good idea. That is a sign of the dangerous and potentially deadly eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa. Starving will also lead to almost-immediate weight gain as soon as you return to normal eating again. Instead, proper dieting and exercise is always the best way to lose weight and to keep the weight off.

If you starve yourself will your body becom saggy?

actually starving yourself sometimes can make you gain weight because your body just stores its fat and basically feeds off it

Does soda cause weight gain?

yes it does cause weight gain!

does lantus cause weight gain?

does lantus cause weight gain

does Apidra cause weight gain?

does Apidra cause weight gain?

Does starving yourself help you lose weight?

Yes, in the short term but not in the long term. Starving yourself may actually make you put weight ON. If you deprive yourself of food - that your body needs to function properly - your metabolism will suffer. Your metabolism can sometimes control your weight, so suddenly eating properly one day then starving yourself the next will confuse it, and when you decide to start eating again, you will most probably gain unwanted weight. Starving yourself does NOT work, and the best way to lose weight is to exercise, eat meals with varied food groups and eat healthily. I also know it is best to eat little but often, instead of big and rarely.

Does anorexic diets mixed with yoga help with weight loss?

Absolutely not. Your body gains weight when it thinks that you need it. In other words, you gain weight when your body thinks you are starving. If you are starving yourself, you will gain weight. The best thing to do is take a hour long walk everyday and eat a handful of food every hour; so your body feels that it has no need to have a surplus.

Will you gain weight if you do not eat?

Yes. Your body stores more fats, reserving them, therefore making one gain weight. The best way to lost weight is to eat right and exercise often; not starving yourself. If you starve yourself, you become more hungry, and oftentimes surrender and eat large amounts of food.

Does morphine cause weight gain?

can taking morphine cause weight gain

Does the medication zantac cause weight gain?

no Zantac does not cause weight gain

Can chlamydia cause weight gain?

While people with chlamydia may gain weight, chlamydia does not itself cause weight gain.

How do you get calories?

Drinks and edibles, although you can gain fat calories by starving yourself.

Why do you gain weight eating 700 calories a day?

Your body's starving and saving the little caloric intake as storage. That's why you are gain weight.

How do antidepressants cause weight gain?

How do antidepressants cause weight gain? Is it through alteration of appetite?

How many calories are considered starving yourself?

starving yourself does not work ladies! It may make you actually gain weight in fact and not only that it just makes you stay the same! When I decided to lose weight I was like 'ok some days i'm gonna starve myself thinking it was ok because models do it and that's what i wanted to look like so then a nutritionist told me that starving yourself is truly horrible! not only will you not lose weight but your getting a ton of other health problems that comes with..

Does zantac cause weight gain?

No, Zantac is an acid reducer and is not known to cause weight gain, or weight loss for that matter.

Air conditioning on can cause weight gain?

no it can make you gain weight!

Does actos cause weight gain?

Yes, the medication named Actos can in fact cause weight gain. In fact, it even states on its 'side effects' that it 'may cause weight gain'.

Does the copper T cause weight gain?

The copper IUD does not have systemic effects and does not cause weight gain.

Does thyroid problems can cause weight gain or loss and fatigue?

An over active thyroid can cause weight loss an underactive thyroid can cause weight gain

Does doxycycline cause weight gain?

Yes - it does cause weight gain. Anytime I have been put on this terrible drug I gain weight and feel extremely fatigued and tired.

What would cause abnormal rapid weight gain after giving birth that is NOT a thyroid problem?