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Taking the Birth Control pill lowers the risk of pregnancy. Not taking the birth control pill does not lower the risk of pregnancy. You are more likely to get pregnant when you are not taking the birth control pill.


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Depends. Being on your pill controls your cycle which prevents you from ovulating which in turn is what gets you pregnant. It can get you pregnant by stopping them like that but it will most likely just mess up your cycle. That's why they tell you wait a couple cycles after stopping the pill before trying.

Why in Gods name are you using them 10 times a year? That is not how they are meant to be used. Get a proper contraception and don't misuse Plan B, it can mess up your period. Like I said, it can mess up your period but it has no lasting effect on your ability on getting pregnant apart from that. It only works when you take it.

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Not for sure but obesity can mess up your hormones so you can't or have a harder time getting pregnant. Staying pregnant can also be harder with many risks.

Since you are taking these it sounds like you have been sick. Getting sick will do it every time.

Birth control pills stop you getting pregnant----Birth control actually can help you get pregnant. If you have abnormal periods, you'll have abnormal ovulation making it difficult to get pregnant. Birth Control helps regulate periods, therefore regulating Ovulation making it easier to get pregnant if you mess them up.

It could be both. 2 weeks after taking Plan B you always have to take a pregnancy test. Or you need to see a doctor.

Not sure about how it would affect the menstrual cycle, but if you have stopped having your period and think you may be pregnant, STOP taking Topomax. It has recently been linked to birth defects in women who continued taking it through pregnancy.

Yes. You will show positive for opioids if you are taking Tylenol 3.

Yes, even taking birth control for one month can mess up your period for six months. The pill is used to change how your body naturally works. When you take it off and on your body goes crazy because the pill didn't finish the job it started.

Now that you are pregnant for the six months , your boy was responsible to get you in this mess.

I did I got off of it immeadiatly and now im taking celexa i swear it mess up my whole emotional state i was getting confuse and depress

getting liquid into an area without making a mess.

Yes, anything like that can seriously upset the balance of your body. Depending on when you began taking the pills, your body will have only recently settled into the effects of the pills. It will take some time for it to return to its previous status or to find a new balance.

If you don't want your dog getting pregnant, I would keep her away from male dogs and whilst walking, probably putting her on a lead. If you are talking about the mess, there is such thing as a dog nappy, which you just have to strap on to the dog, and there you have it.

Just because your are overdue by a few days does not mean your pregnant, some women fluctuate at all different times in their lives, this is natural and can be credited to mother nature. If your overdue for that time of the month by a week and a half or more it is adviseable to take an at home pregnancy test. Also taking birth control for the first time or stopping it after extended use can mess with your cycle. The best thing to do is remain calm and wait it out for a bit, you may be stressing over nothing at all. Other things that can mess with your cycle are bulemia and not eating regularly.

Don't mess with it because once you mess up your cycle it can be hard to get back on track and there is no guarantee you will start earlier. You may also put yourself at a much greater risk of getting pregnant as you ovulate the week between your first and third. You may consider taking your birth control on through the week of your normal period. Skip the week off and go ahead and start the new pack as you finish the 3 week first pack. This will postpone your period until the following month (should-no guarantee) Good luck!

nope i have a friend who covered in em and he has schitzophrenia

"Like taking candy from a baby means that a baby is so easily to mess with or taking something very easily."It basically means something is incredible easy. The idea is that it takes very little effort to take candy from a baby. I have no clue why the last person said it means it is easy to mess with a baby.

Yes, it is most likely to happen if you stop mid cycle. It is always best to finish the packet before quitting.

dont get one! around 80% of people regret getting it.

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