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This does not cause nipple confusion. Although breast milk is better for newborns, formula maybe used through bottles. It is not always possible to breast feed, so this is the only option for working mothers.


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By giving them food, shelter, and help protect their babies

yes the have babies and hold them in for about 6 years before giving birth

about over 500 babies as they can get pregnant again straight after giving birth...:)

I'd say they keep their babies warm by giving them their body heat.

They take care of their babies by placing them in a safe place and by giving them food.

The percentages of giving birth to five babies (quintuplets) at once are very extreme and low, a study in 2010 in the US said that the chances of giving birth to quintuplets was 0.00092%.

No, it does not hurt to make babies - you make babies via sex, and sex is pleasurable. Giving birth to babies can be painful, but sometimes there can be pleasure involved in childbirth too.

Giving birth to live babies.It has hair.It is warm bloodedIt feeds its babies milk.

Yes, gorillas generally have live babies and they do so by giving live birth.

Well, If you want you can be there to watch but the guinea pig does not need you and in fact DO NOT touch her or the babies, and try not to touch her when she is giving birth nor the babies until the next week.

Wombats are a type of marsupial that live in Australia. Wombats have babies by giving birth to joeys and they crawl up to a pouch.

Mother Rabbits care for their babies by burrowing them to keep them warm and giving them milk once a day.

No, but the babies are sometimes eaten by the females...

it help it by helping it get up. BY giving it milk

Yes they are... The mother 'suckles' the babies - giving milk from teats.

The average amount of babies that chinchillas have are 2 but it can range from 1-6 babies. :P

Because rabbits usually don't make nests before giving birth, only after giving birth.

Choking,throwing,being rough,giving bad foods to baby,

Lynxes are placental mammals and reproduce sexually, giving live birth.

By giving their baby peacock chicks food ,shelter,and protection.

After giving birth to the babies separate the male from the female and babies or else the male will try to kill them. after a few week or so separate the mother and then separate the female and male babies or else they will mate at an early age and have undeveloped babies

A llama giving birth. It's a very complicated animal to talk about. Males are generally called "males". Females are usually referred to as "females". Babies are simpler, they are called "crias", which is the Spanish word for babies.

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