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Q: Does swords of revealing light set of flip effects?
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When you play Swords of Revealing Light in Yu-Gi-Oh can your opponent Set monsters afterwards or do they have to be face up?

Swords of Revealing Light only flips your opponent's face-down monsters when it resolves. After that, the opponent can Set monsters freely, Swords does not flip them.

What is a 'flip' in Yu Gi Oh?

A 'flip' happens when a monster goes from being face-down to face-up. This should not be confused with a Flip Summon which is a more specific kind of flip. So a flip can happen when. 1 - A player manually changes the monster from face-down defence to face-up attack, this is called a Flip Summon and is also a flip. 2 - A face-down monster will flip when attacked. 3 - Some card effects can flip monsters. Swords of Revealing Light is one. Note that some things trigger from being flipped, and some trigger from being Flip Summoned. The former will trigger from any of the above, the latter triggers only from the first, it will activate if attacked or flipped by an effect.

What if you have an earthbound immortal face up and face down and the face down one is attacked or your opponent plays somthing like Swords of Revealing Light?

If your opponent attacks a face-down Earthbound Immortalmonster, continue through all of the steps of a battle (Battle Step and Damage Step). After the Damage Step has concluded, if there is no face-up Field Spell Card, the Earthbound Immortal is destroyed.If your opponent activated Swords of Revealing Light, flip the Earthbound Immortal monster face-up. If there is no face-up Field Spell Card, all of the Earthbound Immortalmonsters are destroyed.

Is a face-down monster flipped face-up if it is targeted by a card effect?

No. Face-down monsters only flip under the following circumstances. - A monster declares an attack against it, the attack is not stopped, and the damage step is entered. The face-down monster will be flipped face-up. - The player that controls it Flip Summons it in his own main phase. - A card effect specifically says to flip the monster, such as Swords of Revealing Light. Monsters do not flip if targeted by a spell, and they do not flip if they are destroyed by an effect while face down.

Can flip effects be used if fliped by an effect?

They can, (unless the card that flipped it says "flip effects are not activated at this time.")

What is a 'flip' in Yu-Gi-Oh?

"Flip" refers to a card on the field being changed from face-up to face-down or vice-versa. Examples of "flips" include:Activating a face-down Spell or Trap cardChanging a face-down Defense Position monster to face-up Attack Position (aka a "Flip Summon")Using "Book of Moon" or any other card effect that requires you to change a monster's card position to a face-down position.Using "Swords of Revealing Light" or any other card effect that requires you to change a monster's card position to a face-up position.

Does a flip effect active if the card was removed from play?

No. Flip Effects only activate when the card is flipped, which will happen when Flip Summoned, or when the monster is attacked, or when an effect specifically directs it to be turned face up. Simply destroying a face-down monster, or removing it from play, does not 'flip' it, so Flip Effects will not activate.

Is a monster's flip effect activated if it is 'changed from face-down to face-up' in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, that's the definition of a flip, which will trigger flip effects.

What type of energy is created when you flip the light switch in your room?

Electrical energy is created when you flip the light switch, as it activates the flow of electrons through the electrical wiring, ultimately powering the light bulb.

Can Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon be destroyed by Dark Hole in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, it will be destroyed. "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" ("BESD") can negate the effects of a Spell, Trap, and Monster effects that designate/ targets it. "Dark Hole" does not target a specific monster so it can destroy "BESD". An example of a card that designates is "Book of Moon", since the player chooses which monster to flip into face-down defence position. So "Book of Moon" could be negated by "BESD" and thus be unable to flip it face-down. If "BESD" were face-down (by perhaps the effect of a non-targeting card like "Swords of Concealing Light"), its effect would no longer be able to active and could be destroyed by effects that target like "Raigeki Break" or "Tribute to the Doomed".

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