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No. If you talk to plants it makes no difference. If you water plants then that makes a big difference.

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Does playing music talking or leaving plants alone help them grow?

AnswerTalking to plants stimulates the seeds growth. So, talking to plants does help it grow.Also, playing music helps plants grow, but many people think different styles do. It isn't really the style however, but it is the volume. the louder the music, the better it is for the plant.

Do plants grow better with earthworms?

Yes, earthworms do help plants grow. Hope this helps bye.

Is there a better liquid that can be used to help plants grow better instead of water?


Why do you use compost?

Compost can help your plants grow better

Does playing music help the plants grow better?


Do plants grow better with miracle grow?

Yes, I have been using miracle grow on my plants and it really does help them grow faster. Although it may help them grow faster, it can make the plant unhealthy.

How can a fertilizer help plants grow?

The fertilizer helps give nutrients to the plants growing in it. This means that they grow better or quicker.

How do energy drinks help plants grow better?

No, they will probably kill the plant.

Does fertilzier help plants grow better than just water?

Read the package! What does it say right there on the label? Fertilizer: to make plants grow better than just water.

Do plants grow better in sprite or coca cola?

i think sprite will help the plant grow better because it has more water in the ingredients and whats the best for plants of course is water !!

Does Miracle Grow help plants grow better?

Miracle Gro like any balanced fertilizer will improve the food source so the plant will grow better.

Does a plant grow better in orange juice?

Orange juice can help plants grow better if it is used in moderation. Acid loving plants likes the sugar content and acidity of the orange juice and it can be added in small plants then water the plants as usual.

Does pickle juice help plants grow?

no but bannana peels help plants grow

Do fresh water help plants to grow?

Fresh water does actually help plants grow! (Um... heard of rain?) In fact, fresh water is the best water for plants to help them grow. Salt water can be a bit to extreme for plants, and can cause them to wilt. Salt water is great for sea plants, like sea weed or coral reef, but most plants grow better around fresh water.

Can talking to plants help them grow?

no, because water can only help plants grow. It turns out that there may be some truth to the belief that talking to plants helps them grow, but not for the reasons you may think. According to ScienceNet, plants need carbon dioxide to grow, and when you talk to a plant, you breath on it, giving it an extra infusion of CO2. However, for this to have any real effect on your favorite fern, you would have to spend several hours a day conversing with it in close quarters.

Is harmful because plants do not grow well when topsoil has been lost?

You can add soil to those plants and some compost to help them grow again, or transplant the plants to a better location.

Do you need to prune?

If your bushes are getting out of control, then you do need to prune them. Pruning plants will help them look better and will also help them to grow bigger and better.

How does soil help grow plants?

it brings moister and nutiratens to the plants to help it grow

Why does compost help plants grow?

it helps grow healthy plants

Does alo vera help plants grow?

yes because of the water in the aloe it can help plants grow

Do chemicals in the soil help the soil grow?

No, but they help the plants grow.

Does oxygen help plants grow?

Yes plants need oxygen to grow.

How does phosphorus help plants grow?

Phosphorus helps plants grow flowers.

What helps plants to grow?

Sun, water, and soil help plants to grow.

Does fertelizer help plants grow?

yes a fertilizer helps a plants grow

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