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No, it has a reeded edge but that is it. However the double eagle the obverse image is taken from does have edge lettering, as does the 2009 ultra-high relief double eagle.

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Q: Does the 2000 gold liberty coin have markings on the rim?
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How much is a 2000 gold liberty gold coin worthy?

Not gold, it's made from brass. Just spend it.

How much is the 2000 liberty gold dollar worth with no date?

The coin is called a SACAGAWEA dollar and has no gold in it. If you know it's a 2000 coin, why don't you think it has no date?

is the 2000 gold liberty coin one dollar worth?

It's made of brass, not gold, and is worth one dollar.

2000 gold liberty one dollar?

if it's not a Proof coin value is one dollar.

1883-S Liberty 20 gold Coin?

1883-S Liberty $20 Gold Coin MS62

What is the value of a 2000 liberty five dollar gold coin?

A 2000 American Eagle five dollar gold coin with a mint mark of "S" or "W" is worth in a MS 65: $110; if the "W" coin is in proof condition (PF65), the value is: $125.

What is the value of a 1921 liberty head one dollar gold coin?

what is a 1921 liberty head gold one dollar coin worth

Value of a 1924 gold liberty coin?

what is the vaule of a 1924 miss liberty one dollar coin

What value for liberty gold coin 1906 in good condition?

may i know what is the value for liberty gold coin year 1906 in good condition?

What is a 50 1oz fine gold liberty 2000 coin worth?

If you have a American eagle Bullion $50 gold coin that was minted in the year 2000, its value in MS65 condition is: $980; if its condition is PF65, the value rises to: $1080. The coin should be carrying a mint mark of "W" or "S."

How much is 2004 liberty fine gold coin?

Every gold coin made by the U.S. has the word LIBERTY on it. A denomination is needed. Post new question.

What is the value of an 1891 Liberty vf 20 gold coin?

A Liberty Head $20 gold coin with a grade of very fine (VF) is worth about $7,200.