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Apple no longer sells a 20" iMac. They sell a 21.5" and 27" iMac. Both come in aluminum.


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The first iMac was built in 1998.

The first iMac was released in 1998.

The iMac was invented and went on sale in 1998. The iMac as it looks today was introduced in 2006.

The original iMac was the G3 which came out in (1998). It was followed by the G4 (2002), then the G5 (2004), then the Intel iMac plastic version (2006). The 5th iMac was the aluminum iMac which came out in (August 2007), followed by the iMac Aluminum Unibody (2009). The newest iMac is simply called 2012 iMac and it came out on November 30, 2012.

Click the link to see all the applications that come preinstalled on an iMac.

The 2011 iMac comes preloaded with the iLife software bundle, which includes GarageBand.

You have to purchase Photoshop separately.

There is no 24" iMac for sale new. Your choices are 21.5" or 27".

Steve jobs came up with the idea for the iMac. The i in iMac stands for Internet. The Mac refers to the Macintosh Apple. Steve Jobs worked in an apple orchard as a kid.

The 2011 iMac does not come with a 3.0 USB port. It has four 2.0 USB ports. The new 2012 iMac does have four 3.0 ports.

How do you????? Come on I need to know... PLEASE!

iMac's do not come with night vision.

The 21.5" iMac base model has a 500 GB hard drive. The next model 21.5" comes with a 1TB hard drive. Both models of the 27" iMac come with a 1TB hard drive. All models come with 4GB of ram.

No, the iMac does not come preloaded with Office. You can however get a great free office program called Open Office or Libre Office.

Who told you it had no USB ports? Of course it has USB ports. The iMac has 4 USB ports, 1 Firewire port, 1 Thunderbolt port (2 on the 27" iMac), 1 Ethernet port.

OSx Mountain Lion comes out July 2012.

The iMac doesn't come with a built-in uninstaller, like the Windows system does. However, you do not need special software to uninstall programs on an iMac. It's as simple as dragging the program over to the trash can and emptying it.

The latest iMac, in common with all the previous iMacs, is called the iMac. It is sometimes referred to as the new iMac.

The current iMacs only come in one color, if you are looking for previous models of the iMac, I would suggest looking on the Wikipedia page for the "History of iMacs".

No, you can only get that discount on a new iMac not a refurbished iMac.

An iMac does not come with photography programs already installed. There are, however, programs available to download free of charge, or to purchase. The free programs are good, but if you are a photography whiz/fanatic, you may need the purchased program.

There is no "iMac Air".

No. There is currently no touchscreen iMac.

An iMac is a computer, but a computer is not necessarily an iMac, so they are not the same thing.

The 21.5" iMac has 1920x1080 resolution. The 27" iMac has 2560x1440 resolution.

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