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No, it does not.

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What is the motto of Boston Latin School?

The motto of Boston Latin School is 'Sumus Primi'.

When was Boston Latin School created?

Boston Latin School was created on 1635-04-23.

At the JFK inauguration parade what group from Boston latin school led it?

The Boston Latin School Band

What is the mascot for Boston latin school or academy?

The mascot for Boston Latin School is the wolf. The school sports team is called the Wolfpack.

Oldest school in US?

Boston Latin School is the oldest school in the United States of America. The Boston Latin School which is a public school was established on the 23rd of April, 1635.

Did Samuel Adams goto school?

yes he did go to the Boston Latin school obviously in Boston

How many public examination schools does Boston have?

The three Boston public exam schools are Boston Latin Academy,Boston Latin School, and the John D.O'Bryant

The first public high school was founded in?

The Boston Latin school was founded April 23, 1635 in Boston, Mass. Making it the oldest school in North America The FIRST PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL (not Latin) was founded in Boston in 1821

Trying to locate former English teacher from Boston latin school?

francis Russell, taught English boston latin school early 1970's

What was the first secondary school in the colonies?

1635 Boston Latin School

Where did Louis Pasteur go to school as a child?

Boston latin school

Where did Benjamin Disraeli go to school?

He went to Boston Latin School.

When was the first elementary school built?

1635 Boston Latin School

Where did Benjamin Franklin go to school as a kid?

Boston Latin School

Who were the five Boston Latin School alumni who signed the Declaration of Independence?

In wikipedia's own website the article about the Boston Latin School names Adams, Franklin, Hancock, Hooper, and Paine as the signers of the Declaration of Independence who were educated at Boston Latin.

When was the first school built in?

The answer I found was that the first public school (in America) was built in Boston, Massachusetts in 1635. The name of the school was Boston Latin School.

Which school is older Roxbury Latin or Boston Latin?

Boston Latin is older by 10 years, but Roxbury Latin never closed during the Revolutionary war like BLS did, so RL is the oldest school in continuous existence in the US

Where did Samuel Adams get an education at?

Boston Latin School Harvard Law School

Is the Roxbury Latin School located in Boston?

Yes, RL is located in the West Roxbury section of Boston.

Where did Ralph Waldo Emerson go to school?

The Boston Latin School, Harvard University and Harvard Divinity School.

Who built the first school in America?

1635 the Boston Latin School was established. It was the first town supported school.

Were is the oldest school in the us?

Boston Latin School is the oldest continuous public school in the United States. Founded in 1635.

Is makeup allowed at Boston Latin School?

I read the Boston Latin School student handbook. Makeup isn't mentioned one way or the other in their dress code. I also looked at the Boston Latin School's website and their blog...there are people wearing makeup in some of the pictures. So I'd say it's okay.

Where did Benjamin Franklin go to school?

he went to boston latin school. when he was 7-8 his dad pulled him out of school and taught himself

Does Boston Latin High School accept international students?

Don't think so.