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No- and it would be very dangerous to try. Pellet guns and airsoft are two very different things.

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Q: Does the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster BB Pellet Air Rifle work for airsoft wars?
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How do you assemble a crosman the recruit pellet gun?

The Crosman Recruit is a pellet rifle not a pellet gun. If you want to see how the rifle is assembled then see the link below for the diagram.

How do you load a crosman 1077 pellet rifle?

See the link below for the Owners Manual for the Crosman 1077 air rifle

Which should i get the crosman r73 airsoft rifle or the crosman r34airsoft rifle?

That is a question that has a 50/50 chance of each. You would have to state why and what you would be using that for.

What pellet gun is used in Mythbusters?

It's a Crosman 764sb air rifle.

How do you assemble the crosman phantom bb gun?

As far as I know the Crosman Phantom is not a BB gun but a pellet rifle. If you want to see the parts list for the rifle then see the Crosman link below.

What fps is crosman stinger re4 tactical airsoft rifle clear?

360 fps

What is the best pellet to use with the Crosman 760 air rifle?

See the link below for your answer

Replacement of front sight for Pumpmaster 760 air rifle?

check the link below and contact customer service. Crosman list that some parts are still available for this rifle.

Where can I get parts for a Sears Crosman 22 Cal Pellet rifle?

It would help if you stated the model number. Crosman made several pellet rifles for Sears. You need to provide more information.

How do you remove safety lock on crosman air rifle model 760 pumpmaster?

Go to (The link below ) and find your parts and owners manual for your gun or rifle. Crosman keeps a web page for older airguns. They also have a list of service centers

How much is a Sears and Roebuck and Company 22 caliber rifle serial number 12619300 that must be pumped up to shoot worth and is it a pellet gun?

Crosman made the pellet and bb guns for Sears starting in the 50's I am not sure when they stopped, I think probably sometime during the 70's. Sounds like you have a variation of the pumpmaster Crosman, so best guess, is if its older, anywhere from $50-$100. You can probably check on Crosman Forums, and get a better suited answer there. Hope it helps.

Is the crosman c11 semi-auto co2 airsoft a good gun?

No. co2 airsoft pistols in general are plauged with leakage issues, especially a cheap crosman. Besides that, airsoft pistols are not a good investment unless you already have a good primairy rifle.