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Yes, inside of the Guitar Hero on tour box is an adapter for the first ds

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Yes. guitar Hero 5 only has one bundle, with the new guitar. You either buy the game buy itself. or with a guitar.

the guitar hero on tour bundle pack has the guitar grip, a thing so you can use guitar hero for the original ds, stickers,instructions, guitar grip skin and that's it.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Bundle for PC/Mac comes with a guitar controller,but not a microphone.

Yes it will. Guitar Hero On Tour Decades was made for the DS.

The bundle with the guitar is $90.00.

It contains drumms guitar and mic

The Guitar Hero wireless Les Paul Guitar is for the Xbox 360 or the PS3 or the Nintendo Wii. It may also be in the PS2 guitar Hero 5 Bundle

gutiar hero decades in my opinion is better because you get to listen to different music from different decades

Yes. You can buy the bundle of the guitar and the game for wii on

All of the Guitar Hero Games Except for On Tour, On tour Decades and On Tour Modern Hits

You could look it up, but there are, so far, three different Guitar Hero games for the Nintendo DS. Guitar Hero On Tour, Guitar Hero On tour Decades, and Guitar Hero Modern Hits. If you need more info on them, look it up.

They are two different games. Decades is a follow-up to On Tour. For example, GH 2 came as one to GH1.

yes there is going to be a only guitar bundle. hope that helped.

You can find the first Guitar Hero at Gamestop.

the guitar and mic will work the drums will NOT

it contains the official warriors of rock guitar, a guitar hero mic, the new warriors of rock drum kit, and the game.

I don't think you can. The DS can't transfer stuff like that.

Main Titles: Guitar Hero Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero III Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Band-centric games: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Guitar Hero: Metallica Guitar Hero: Van Halen Expansion Games: Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s Guitar Hero Smash Hits Band Hero DJ Hero: DJ Hero DJ Hero 2 Portable Games: Guitar Hero On Tour Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits Mobile Games: Guitar Hero III: Mobile Guitar Hero III: Back Stage Pass Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile Guitar Hero 5 Mobile Other Games: Guitar Hero Carabiner Guitar Hero Arcade Guitar Hero (iOS)

No. The first Guitar Hero game for the Wii was Guitar Hero III.

No there is 3 games in all.. guitar hero on tour, guitar hero on tour decades and guitar hero on tour modern hits.. these are all I know off but I believe there is only 3 guitar hero DS games :) Hope I helped Aimee x

The original Guitar Hero, released in 2005.

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