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Does the Nintendo DS and DS lite have the same battery size?


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No The First Nintendo DS has a much bigger battery size.

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Yes the 3DS and DS lite are the same size

No, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS lite have the same screen size.

The DS lite is almost exactly the same size as the 3DS.

No. the DSi is a few more in.'s then the DS Lite

The Nintendo 3DS is about a hairs-breadth bigger than the DS lite

No, you can't. Understandable, given its size and shape. They sometimes remake 64 games for the ds, though. You're not dumb, I probably would've made the same mistake.

Size and shape and battery power and how good it runs ds lite is better in all but strength

The Nintendo DSi has two cameras, which can be used to take pictures or play games. DSiWare can also only be played on a Nintendo DSi system. Plus, the DSi can record, play, and edit music and sounds.Externally, the DSi weighs about as much as a DS Lite, but is slightly larger and has larger screens. DSi systems can use SD cards, but have no slot for Game Boy Advance games. The DSi stylus is longer than that of a DS or DS Lite, and the battery life is about the same as that of a DS.Differences Between DSiScreen Size DSi: 3.25 inchDS Lite: 3.0 inchScreen Both TFT LCD with 260,000 colorsSystem Size DSi: 137 x 74.9 x 18.9mmDS Lite: 133 x 73.9 x 21.5mmTouch pen DSi: 92mm lengthDS Lite: 87.5mm lengthPower source DSi: DSi AC adapter and special battery packDS Lite: DS Lite AC adapter and special battery packWeight DSi: 214g (battery pack and touch pen included)DS Lite: 218g (battery pack, touch pen, GBA connector cover included)Charge time DSi: 2 hours 30 minutesDS Lite: 3 hoursBattery life ** listed by screen brightness, lowest to highestDSi: 9-14 hours, 8-12, 6-9, 4-6, 3-4DS Lite: 15-19 hours, 10-15, 7-11, 5-8Compatible software DSi: DS software, DSi softwareDS Lite: Game Boy Advance software, DS software & DS Lite

Yes. All Nintendo DS' have touch screens. The difference between the regular and the Lite is the size and weight of the device.

yes the size of the game stays the same its just that the screen is larger

a Nintendo dsi box is, well not as small as the dsi its self but is not HUMUNGOUS! in width it is about two dsi's and the length is about a dsi and a a quarter of a dsi i know why ur asking, bcuz it's close to Christmas and want to know what ur present is! p.s a dsi is about the same size as a ds lite(i don't kno bout the box the same as ds lite)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 saraH

1) The Ds Lite isn't as heavy as the original 2) Lite has brighter screens 3) The Mic is located in the middle of the hinge for Lite 4) Stylus is thicker, longer, and located on the right side of the instead of the top 5) Comes in more colors 6) The Lite comes with a cover for the GBA slot 7) Smaller size makes the Lite more pocket friendly

Same basic design/different group size.

No. The Nintendo 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the Nintendo DSi XL

the ds lite is smaller and the stylus (pen) is a little better. the screen sizes are the same on both. the normal ds isn't sold any more so youll have to buy it used The DS Lite is lighter, smaller, and has an extended battery life. The DS Lite no longer has backlight control through the main menu; instead, the DS Lite has 4 levels of brightness. The Power Button is now a slider; the stylus slides into the sides rather than the top. The start and select buttons have been moved to the bottom part of the console. GBA games extend past the Lite's bottom edge due to their size.

If you are talking about Screen size then the Ds Lite is smaller than the DSI. If you are talking about systom height then they are the same height

Yes you can if the battery is the same size

It varies with the size of the battery. They do not all weigh the same.

A Nintendo DSI box is, well not as small as the DSI itself but is not HUGE! In width it is about two DSI's and the length is about a DSI and a a quarter of a DSI. I know why you're asking, because it's close to Christmas and want to know what your present is!P.S. A DSI is about the same size as a DS Lite (I don't know about the box. It's the same as the DS Lite).

The original DS was silver and a bit heavy. The base is bigger than the flip up screen. The DS Lite does everything a bigger DS does, but it's more compact. The DS Lite is about the size of a checkbook and has a plastic cover. The Lite comes is several different colors. If you're interested in trying to win a DS Lite, here are some current contests where you can win one:

no, it's about the same size as a ds lite, only more chunky.

Yes slot 1 and slot 2 are the same size as the regular Nintendo ds to a Nintendo dsi XL

If you have a Nintendo Ds it is the same size screen, but it is a little bit bigger.

no. difference in size dude.

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