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The Space Shuttle orbiter has speed brakes in the tail which open up when it's going to land and also has a parachute brake system which is deployed upon touchdown in addition to its wheel brakes.

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Q: Does the Space Shuttle have speed brakes?
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What is the maximum speed of a space shuttle?

The maximum speed the space shuttle can attain is about 30,000 K MPH in atmosphere.

What is the top speed of space shuttle?

The Space Shuttle can travel over 17,500 MPH

Why does the space shuttle have high speed in the atmosphere?

The shuttle uses the atmosphere to slow itself down from orbital speed.

Can a space shuttle travel faster than the speed of light?

No 1). Nothing can. 2). No space shuttle ever came anywhere close to that speed. 3). No space shuttle can travel at any speed now, because that program has ended, and the remaining shuttles are in museums.

What is the traveling speed of space shuttle?

latest space satellite from India

What is the average speed of a space shuttle?

18,000 mph

How long does it take to get into space?

Depends on your speed. The space shuttle can be in space in about 8 minutes.

How fast is the space shuttle endeavor?

All space shuttle vehicles orbit at a speed of 17,320 miles per hour.

How does a space shuttel land on earth?

The Space Shuttle lands like a plane. First the space shuttle gets its landing trajectory and what AFB or Air Force Base to land at. The Space Shuttle can land at Cape Cod in Florida or at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The Space Shuttle then loops around the earth a few times and then turns around to face forward. Then the Space Shuttle goes into a De-Orbit Burn this is the approach to earth the Space Shuttle faces up ward at 60 degrees so the heat shield is facing down. The Space Shuttle is now flying at Mach 26 or 100,000 mph. Soon the Shuttle re enters the atmosphere producing the loud Double Boom while the shuttle flies over the pacific the US can often hear it. Soon the shuttle applies air brakes to slow down to Mach 2.5 or 2,500 mph. Then comes the next stage of approach the Shuttles Computers are shut down for landing as the Pilot lines up the Shuttle for the run way which is 22 at Edwards and 0 at Cape Cod the Shuttle makes one more Double Boom. Soon the Shuttle fly at the speed of a jet. Last comes the final landing the copilot calls out altitude and speed as the space Shuttle lines up jet escorts help the Shuttle land soon at about 2,000 ft the gear gets dropped down and the Space Shuttle lands at 250mph to slow down the Shuttle apply brakes a parachute and Air Brakes to stop on the Run Way steps help the Astronauts get out of the Shuttle. If the Shuttle lands at Edwards a modified Boeing 747 flys the Shuttle back to Florida.

How fast does a space shuttle go when it comes back to earth?

The space shuttle has a reentry speed of about 17,000 miles per hour.

What is speed of a space shuttle?

The speed of a space shuttle while in orbit is approximately 17,500 miles per hour. An interesting fact is that astronauts aboard the Shuttle eat about 3.8 pounds of food each day. These foods are prepackaged.

If only external force can change the velocity of a body how can the internal force of the brakes bring a car to rest?

It is not the force of the brakes that is stopping the car but rather external force of friction between tires and the road. Notice that no matter what the force at the brakes is, the car won't stop if there is no friction there(ie. the road is slippery). This is an excellent question. Consider the NASA space shuttle. It has brakes, yet the brakes work only on the ground - only while the shuttle is landing. Why? In space, the brakes have nothing to react against. So, as the questioner suspects, the internal forces of the brakes alone are not sufficient to change the velocity of the space shuttle. But once the shuttle lands, and is rolling down the runway, applying the brakes creates friction between the wheels and the runway. And it is the external force of the runway pushing back against the braking wheels that causes the shuttle to slow down.