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Q: Does the Times Square ball stay up all year long?
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Does it cost any money to watch the ball drop in Times Square?

Times Square, please not Time Square. No, it costs nothing to watch the ball drop. Any money you spend would be on food, souvenirs, a place to stay (if you don't live in NYC), and transportation to get there.

What is the nightly cost to stay in Doubletree Times Square?

The nightly cost to stay in Doubletree Times Square in New York city costs approximately $189 dollars per night that you stay at the Doubletree Times Square hotel.

Is it realistic to stay in Times Square hotels when attending a Broadway show?

It definitely makes sense to stay in Times Square when attending Broadway shows in New York City. Times Square is where the shopping, dining, and action is, and it is not far at all from Broadway, either. Yes, Times Square is an exciting place to stay and is not far from the Broadway shows. Times Square also has a number of restaurants and retail stores that are of interest to tourists.

What hotel do the Rangers stay at when playing in Philadelphia?

EconoLodge near Times Square

How long may you stay in the lane if you are dribblingthe ball?

Until the referee blows the whistle.

Do you hold your breath in a ball pit?

No, as long as you stay calm then you don't have to hold your breath.

How long can a Premier stay in office for?

They can stay in office has long as the prime minster 4 years. And can serve as many times as long as there re elected

If you and another person share an 8 ball of cocaine how long will it stay in your system?

4 days

How does the drop-height affect the number of times the bouncy ball bounces?

The higher the boiuncy ball is the more times if u do it with a small bouncy ball but if you do it with a big bouncy ball it will stay the same ever time u go up in height. The smaller the bouncy ball the more times it will bounce at a higher drop-height but if you try it with a big bounce ball it will still the same number of times each time you go up in inches

How long does the ball they drop on New Year's Eve stay up in the new year?

365 Days

How much is a room at The W in Times Square?

The cost of a room at The W hotel in Times Square will vary depending on room size and length of stay. Generally, a room will cost in the region of $400 USD per night.

How do you pretend to be good at basketball?

Ok it is very simple all you have to do is run around the court at the game and stay as far away from the ball as you can. So stay away from the ball but also run around to look like you are actually playing it works trust me I have done it a million times.