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The US does not border Finland or Andorra.

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Q: Does the US border Finland and Andorra?
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What two countries border Andorra?

The two countries that border Andorra are Spain and France.

Is Andorra not in Spain?

Andorra is not in Spain, but it does border it.

Does Andorra form the border between Spain and France?

Spain and France have a common border. Along PART of that border is the tiny country of Andorra. On the north side of Andorra is France and on the south side is Spain. A border is a line between one country and another. A line has neither width nor area. Andorra has width, length, and area so it can't be a border, or form part of a border.

What are the countries that border andorra?

Andorra is wedged between France and Spain.

What countries surround andorra?

Spain and France are the only countries that border Andorra.

Does Andorra Lie between Spain and Italy?

Andorra lies on the border of Spain and France

Where is Andorra la Vella?

Andorra la Vella is the capital city of Andorra. It is situated in the south west of the country, not far from the border with Spain.

What countries border Andorra?

France and Spain.

What continent is Andorra in?

Europe - it is near France and SpainAndorra is in Europe.Europe (Andorra is situated on the border of France and Spain.Andorra is a country in Europe.

What are the border countries for Spain?

Portugal, France, and Andorra all share a border with Spain.

What two countries have a 100 percent literacy rate?

Norway and Finland However, Vatican City, Andorra, Greenland, Georgia, and Luxembourg also have 100%. Norway and Finland seem to be the most known.

Can you show me on a map where andorra is?

Andorra sits on the border of France and Spain, roughly halfway between Toulouse and Barcelona.

What two countries Border spsain?

Andorra and France

Which countries border the southwest of France?

Spain and Andorra

What places border Spain?

Portugal, France and Andorra.

What is the name of the tiny country located on the northeastern border of spain?


Which country is the border of Spain?

Portugal, Andorra and France.

How many autonomous communities border Andorra?

there are 6

What 2 European countries border spain?

There are actually three European countries that border Spain. These countries are Portugal, France, and Andorra. Andorra is very small and is sometimes overlooked on a map.

What seas border Andorra border?

None. The nearest sea is the Mediterranean, but it's a long walk.

What lies in the border of France and Spain?

The Pyrenees Mountains and Andorra are on the border between France and Spain.

Who is the Ambassador to the US for Andorra?

Narcis Casal De Fonsdeviela is the Ambassador to the US for Andorra.

What three countries border the Pyrenees?

France, Spain and Andorra.

What country is located on the border between France and Spain?


How many hours from Andorra to Spain?

Andorra and Spain border each other, so they would be zero hours from each other.