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You just need to go to the website of the U.S. Mint to see what gold coins they offer. The reason you probably have not seen any is that they are mostly utilized by collectors.

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Q: Does the United States sell any gold coins?
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Does bhima jewellers in Bangalore sell gold coins?

yes they sell coins and bullion bars

Where in Seattle can I sell my gold coins?

You can sell your coins at any pawn shop in Seattle. You can also find a store that just buys gold. There are plenty of them around.

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What is the value of a 20 dollar coin?

More information is needed. Genuine US $20 gold pieces were struck for circulation from 1849 to 1932 at several mints, and other countries issue $20 coins either as bullion pieces or for collectors. Please post a new and more specific question with the coin's country of origin and date. what is the value of United States twenty dollar gold coin and where to sell? what is the value now of United states twenty dollar gold coin and where to sell

Where can i go to sell rear us coins coins?

Unless you'd like to devalue the coins with some kind of crazy coin splitting machine, you're going to have to sell the front as well as the rear of the coins, as there are no stores in the continental United States that accept only the rear side of a coin.

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Gold coins are not legal tender (at least in the USA). You could first sell them or trade them which could serve the same purpose.

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If you can you need to hold onto it. Gold is the only thing that will be of value when currency is no good.

How can a fortune be done by selling coins?

Money can be made by investors who buy and sell gold coins on a daily basis, the price of gold does not fluctuate too much so knowing when and who to sell to requires knowledge of the markets you are selling to and buying from.