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Does the action replay work for platinum?


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yes action replay does work on Pokemon platinum.

does it work for the DSi?

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No, Action Replay will not work for Pokemon platinum.

D: action replay doesnt work for platinum dude! D:!!!

action replay does not work for platinum because platinum came out a long time after action replay but there is another version coming out go to codejunkies.com if you would like to have a look.

they break the action replay so u can use it on diamond and pearl but if u put it on platinum it will break and wont work on anything....SO DONT USE ACTION REPLAY ON PLATINUM

The DS and DSi Action Replay both work on the Nintendo DS, But the DS Action Replay doesn't work on DSi.

you will half to have a computer and upload action replay coad manager and it should work

Action Replay Codes for Platinum, type in specific.

your action replay probobly is busted or you just are not doing it right.

a. you need to update your action replay b.if you got it in a black case its American so it wont work anyway.

you put your action replay disk into your hard-drive then install it hook the action replay cord into computer and then into action replay then it should work i'vedone it myself.

put in action replay in ds then when on that take out put platinum in

enter platinums ID in the action replay

YES. there are billions of action replay codes for platinum. i would tell you some, but i dont use the action replay. (i suggest not to ethier)

NO FREAKING WAY! You just go to the action replay manager and update your action replay.

Action Replay for DS does not work on a DSi, but there is an Action Replay DSi which does work on them.

you have to have action replay

you can see it when you put the game into the action replay

only with action replay!!! there is no way without action replay

you can get 900, rare candys if you have action replay. however, the action replay won't work on the dsi

you get the action replay for ds then you go to the Internet and look up action replay codes on Pokemon platinum

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