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Not "affect"; the word is "effect" in this case. Yes, air resistance has an effect on projectiles.

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Q: Does the air resistance has an affect on the projectile or not?
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Which two forces affect the motion of a projectile?

The main forces acting on a projectile are gravity, and air resistance.

Does the horizontal motion affect the vertical motion of a projectile?

Not if you can ignore air resistance, it doesn't.

What forces affect a projectile?

Gravitational force only. 2. Air resistance has effect also.

Does projectile motion affect golf?

no it dosen't due to the force calculated and air resistance is negleted

How those air resistance affect the vertical and horizontal velocity of a projectile calculation?

Air resistance acts against the motion of the object. Whatever range you get when assuming no air resistance is too large.

What effect does air resistance have on the landing site distance of a projectile?

Air resistance decreases the distance to the projectile's landing site, compared to the distance you calculate when you assume no air resistance. The limiting case is: An artificial satellite encounters no air resistance, and does not land.

If a projectile is shot in the air neglecting air resistance what is its vertical accelrration?

the vertical accelaration in case of a projectile is 'g'.

How does altitude affect a Surface to Air missile range?

Gravity is pulling the projectile down steadily; the further it climbs, the more resistance it's recieving, it begins to slow down, as with any projectile.

Ignoring air resistance what is the horizontal component of a projectile's acceleration?


Is the horizontal velocity of a projectile constant?

yes when ignoring air resistance

What is the trajectory of a projectile defined by?

Ignoring air resistance, it would be a parabola.

What force besides gravity acts on a projectile?

Well ofcourse it will be air resistance

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