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It depends on which companies make the m4 you have, but generally companies stick to the same dimentions for magazines for the m4/m16 family.

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Q: Does the airsoft m4 and airsoft masada have interchangable mags?
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Are regular M4 mags compatible with a Magpul Masada ACR?

yes they are but it looks better with p-mags

Can airsoft mk17 mags be used for the mk16?

No the mk 16 uses mags that are = to m4 - m16 mags. It looks like the mk17's mag is more like an M-14 but I cannot confirm that m14 mags will fit a mk17.

Should I get a M4 or an aug airsoft gun?

m4 there are spare parts

Where can one find more information about m4 airsoft guns?

One would be able to find out more information about m4 airsoft guns online on Amazon. Two other sites that have some information about m4 airsoft guns are wikiHow and HobbyTron.

What is better the M16 or the M4 carbine airsoft gun?


Why is a m4 better than a m16 airsoft?

Most airsoft battles take place in close quarters which is what the m4 was made for. Unlike the m16 which was made for longer ranges

Does the M4 mag fit the m83a1 airsoft gun?


Does the star m4 30 rd mag work with d-boys m4 RIS airsoft rifle?


What is better a airsoft Thompson or a airsoft m4?

It all depends of the company making it. A Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson would be better than a cheap Wal-Mart M4. But a Classic Army M4 would be better than a CYMA M1A1 Thompson.

What bb's does the airsoft m4 3181 use?

almost every gun for airsoft uses a 6mm (milimeter) BB. try that.

Can an airsoft m4 look like an m16?

An M4 is a short barreled version of the M16, so yes, they can look quite similar.

What is the best airsoft aeg ak47 m4 or 16 under 100 you can get with a full metal gearbox?

The AK 47 Is Better Then m4